Monday, July 10, 2017

boba feet

hi there

my travels took me, look you see, not so much past as to and inside the shop where i most recently got some more of them Star Wars "micro comic" things. this was all way back in May, of course, and if you'd like to see the specifics then you need only click here.

for those that did not click there, for whatever reason, the point if not purpose of this post would be to discuss that i took a chance, punt perhaps, on another one of them micro comic bag things. the lure of getting a smart (ish) 3D poster of Lando, Lobot or Boba Fett was just too much to resist. irresistible, even.

no, i didn't make a specific journey to go and get another one. that would be foolish, for the cost of travel alone would exceed the cost of the item. and i was not all that bothered, but still. whilst i was there, i figured or if Australian reckoned why wouldn't you have a go.

buying two more "micro comic" packets would have doubled my chances of getting a Boba Fett one. this would also, however, represented the chance of wasting twice as much money on attempting such. so no, i did not. i just got the one packet. and, as you can see here in the glory of Commodore 64 mode via my new (ish) phone thingie with a camera welded to it, no Boba Fett but also no disappointment.

yes, quite. fortune smiled on me enough to avoid getting either of the first two i bought once more. it was also most kind of fortune to deliver unto me the one that had my two favourite Star Wars dudes on it - Lando and Lobot.

it is entirely possible that i am wrong, and someone (anyone) is most welcome to correct me on this, but i am pretty sure this is the first time ever that i have had a 3D poster of Lando and Lobot. granted, true, it is not just them two on the poster, but it is easy enough to ignore the other minor, background characters on it and just admire them two total dudes.

since we are here in a Star Wars themed post in another month, no matter how contrived that this might all be, time to gaze at what my calendar has. for those relatively new to this, at the start of the year i invested neither north nor south of but exactly £3 into a Star Wars concept art calendar. so i show off each month here.

sideways, sometimes.

i am unsure or uncertain if that rotates around the right way for you on whatever device you are looking at this on, but for me here on my PC as i type way that has come up sideways. and sorry but i have no patience for taking another image and trying again.

what is it this month? well, if you click on the image it should make it big enough to see, and maybe allow you to rotate for a better view. failing that, it's more concept art off of The Empire Strikes Back, which is the film under scrutiny in these / this "micro comic" thing. more art from the ice planet Hoth, or if you like the planet Hoth which does seem to have a good deal of snow and ice. one could easily mistake it for Norway, i suppose.

back to the comic, then, and another image which has come out sideways on my side. sorry for that. here's an image of the most exciting cartoon panels in this micro comic, and next to it is the back of a collector card which was in the same bag.

yes, that's right. two panels off of the comic book itself which feature Lobot in some very exciting, immense and interesting action. the card is part of a puzzle i guess they wish you to make. as you can see, it shows off the feet of Boba Fett; hence this post being called what it is.

now then, a bit of a bonus for all you that are enthusiastic, to be sure, about the Star Wars "concept art" calendar. with June concluding we saw our system reach the end of 6 of 12 months, or if you like just about halfway into the year. to celebrate this the designers and manufacturers of the calendar threw in a kind of "concept art poster bonus" in the middle.

indeed that is one of the more celebrated moments out of the next Star Wars film after Empire Strikes Back, the one called something along the lines of Return Of The Jedi. or Nancy umezurtz faltsua itxuraz itzultzen da in the original basque language as it is better known.

another look at the boss Lando and Lobot and minor other characters 3D poster thing to finish off? sure, although i would suspect a few of you finished reading this long since past.

that thing about "never say never" comes to mind when i consider, if not simply ponder, the question of whether or not i am prepared to gamble on further Empire Strikes Back "micro comic" things. ultimately it is unlikely that i will, for i suspect i shall not return to the one and only store which sells them prior to them being taken off the market.

one of them 3D posters of Boba Fett would have been nice, then, but one really cannot complain about having a smart one with Lando and Lobot on it.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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