Monday, July 03, 2017

the exhausted aquatic lighter

hello there

one of them posts where pretty much everything you need to know about it is right there in the title, look you see. for further clarification on that, yes, no really, all this post is about is a cigarette lighter which happened to have a marine inspired design on it. the lighter has now finished being of practical use.

a look at the lighter in question, in Commodore 64 mode? sure, why not. i can only presume or otherwise imagine that you are still reading this in the hope that such an image would be part of the post.

this was a most splendid cigarette lighter to own and use. it brought me some considerable joy and, right up until the point it ran of the requisite gas required to make it do so, it served its purpose in a particularly well way.

with smoking being less popular than at any time before i suppose such items are no longer called cigarette lighters, just "lighters" instead. in fairness this would be correct, as you are not limited to using such devices on cigarettes. pretty much anything one would wish to ignite or set alight could be handled by this.

should for some reason you wish to see a video clip of the aquatic themed (cigarette) lighter no longer working, here you go.

just what's my fascination with this aquatic themed lighter? not sure. i would like to think it's due to that mix of fire and water, i suppose. if i could have a dream job then i'd like to assume i would go for that of underwater welder. what magic those people weave, being able to command fire and weld under the seas.

the provenance of my aquatic lighter is, or if you like was, predictably enough Poundland. there was 4 such lighters in the packet, yes for £1. no, the other lighters had different designs on them and no i did not think to take pictures of them.

anyway, for those of you who have stuck around with this post, here you go. here are some birds that were recently feasting upon some seeds, bread and suet that i had put out for them.

quite a tricky picture to get as they tend to fly away when they sense any noise, even from within the house. alas, no, no kookaburras yet, but i will keep trying.

right then, that's just about all i wanted to say of the aquatic lighter, and a bit more besides.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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