Sunday, July 16, 2017

more bubbles


let it not be said that i don't give you what you want. blimey, that's a fair few negatives to start off with, to be sure.

for some reason quite a few of you were very interested in a post i did about some bubbles, look you see. how many?  just north of 1,100 of you (with you being readers at large) have clicked on it and had a gander. or if you like read.

i am not at all sure what i wrote in that post, or just what might be the interest in the pictures. hey ho, if that's the sort of thing you dig then it is but the work of a moment to give you some more of the same here. only not the same, different.

well yes, no, not quite. again with the negatives, man. whilst these are indeed, or as point of fact, more images of more bubbles in my beloved washing machine, it's not all quite the same as the last rather tacitly celebrated post. there's something extra been added to the usual detergents this time around.

and just what got added? an item which is luxurious and bourgeois, if price or stated value of an item equates to such. yes, good assumption - some of that quite costly Vanish Platinum has been added.

for those not quite so heavily involved with laundry detergent trends, or indeed if you lack my enthusiasm for the same, Vanish Platinum is the latest chapter composed for the book of Vanish, the somewhat self-styled leading brand for stain removal products. this comes off the back of previous episodes which included just straightforward Vanish and then Vanish Gold, which promised to elevate stain removal to an entire new level.


Vanish Platinum is, then, one would presume, supposed to be a game changer. i must say that it is quite brave of Vanish to market in this way (well, Vanish or whoever makes it), for each new product of this nature features branding that suggests "oh that other stuff we sold you is actually rubbish, this is better, honest". and not once sold cheap, please note. but still, the advert on the tele and that for this new one suggested that i really should give it a go.

why? because in the adverts Vanish Platinum offers, if not promises or leads to suggest, the chance to really fix up the whiter sorts of white clothing. make them all crisp (hello, Faye), clean and shiny white, as it were. as washing cricket whites is now a significant factor in my life as i know it, and yes often i do wonder, much like the Talking Heads song, how did i get here, i thought i had best jolly well give this stuff a bloody go, what what.
and yes also seeing it at a marginally cheaper, on special offer price led me to give it a whirl. i do not recall the exact specifics and should this ever become a legal issue the courts shall just have to go whistle for i cannot produce a receipt as such, but i am sure the tub you see below - resplendent in Commodore 64 mode - was £5. as opposed to the £7 or north thereof that seems to be the going rate.

so is it worth all the fuss, the fanfare and the celebration which greeted it being advertised on television and sold to humbler clothes washers such as i? in truth no, not really. i did all the soaky, scrubby, washy, pre-wash stuff what the bottle (or tub) said to do and in my view the results were, at the best, satisfactory.

yes, sure, it got the stains out, but no better or noticeably different than how regular Vanish or that Vanish Gold stuff did the job. no i haven't done any qualified scientific comparisons or measured tests, but to my eyes the results are no more shiny than what would be normal after a wash.

those of you capable of playing videos here on this blog will, undoubtedly, be feeling or itching for a video right around now. to sate this, here you go - the Vanish Platinum bubbles in a moving visual form for your enjoyment.

whether you were able to play that video back or not i think all of you that were so enthusiastic about the bubbles post of last month will be let down with this one. that is because, pure and simple if we accept that the poor writing i offer is a constant unlikely to be enhanced, there are decidedly less bubbles to view here.

i think that might be my biggest disappointment with this whole Vanish Platinum business. normally the use of stain removal liquids or powders lends itself to the creation of more bubbles during the clothes washing process, very much so. not so with this stuff. if anything it's like they have for some reason made Vanish Platinum in a way that is bubble retardant, if such a thing is possible.

yeah, i probably am so void of ambition that had this Vanish Platinum stuff produced lots and lots of lovely bubbles then i would not be complaining about what it does, or doesn't do. to compensate, then, here you go - bubbles and washing machine in ZX Spectrum form.

do i, dear reader, sometimes find myself sat with my head in my hands, wondering why exactly it is so that i write things such as this? often, quite. it's not so much crying about where i went wrong with my life to get to this point, rather just playing the hand i was dealt. that said, with every strike of the key as i write this there is little beyond bitter resentment and spiteful anger that i was not so blessed with outrageous fortune enough to be David Lee Roth. there he is, out there being a most prolific sexualist, doing smart high kicks and performing ace tunes. and here i am writing this. talk about knowing your place in this world.

am i in any way inclined to offer suggestions or advice in respect of using Vanish Platinum? not much i can say beyond the above, i suppose. and then i have perhaps spoken too much, looking at that really sorry state of a paragraph above. in my experience with it thus far, and i have but used it twice and have made no real time like for like comparison, it does not particularly perform any better than any of the other Vanish stain removal things i have tried.

well, hopefully you've enjoyed further bubbles, and splendid on anything you may have drawn for yourself as a conclusion in respect of Vanish Platinum. i, alas, cannot really sit here and write any more (or much more) on the subject/s. things to do, to be sure. sure, none of them as exciting or interesting as what David Lee Roth does, but stuff that needs doing all the same.

my thanks to you all again for taking the time to read this sort of thing, or at the least for passing by and having a look at the pictures.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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