Saturday, July 29, 2017

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hello there

as is rather inevitable on the internet, at least in the way we have created it, there's been a bit of a backlash to a post what i done. well, kind of. i mean this backlash, for what it is, tends to exist only in my thinking as such, look you see. it is a backlash all the same, and so should be addressed.

some time ago i composed a post in celebration of Intergalactic, that magnificent recording by the most splendid and charming Beastie Boys. specific reference was paid to one of the greatest artistic expressions of all time, which is when some genius combined Intergalactic with the proper version of Battlestar Galactica from the 70s. should you so wish to make yourself familiar with that post, please do consider clicking these colourful words to take a gander.

well, for some the pictures cheapened the article. probably. no pictures featured of the Intergalactic single as such, and there was scant (as in none) images of proper Battlestar Galactica off of the 70s. this post seeks to address such disappointment, anger, frustration and sadness. if, indeed, anyone felt such at all.

my most earnest hope is that the above, within the confines of clarity of Commodore 64 mode, illustrates a satisfactory level of committent, allegiance, dedication and compliance with both the Intergalactic single off of the Beastie Boys and, indeed, proper Battlestar Galactica off of the 70s.

why didn't i simply show all of this off in the original post in order to save a lot of fuss and silly bother? to do so would have robbed me of material for a second post. also, i have only just recently stumbled on these in a box or two as i was looking for some other concern. be not sad for what was not, be accepting of what is.

looking at the reverse of the items pictured above reveals something, for i added it as an afterthought for this particular picture.

quite, yes - that is the novelization of Battlestar Galactica by Glen A Larson and Robert Thurston, published in 1978. i rather fancy it covers only the "double pilot" episode what got turned into a movie of sorts rather than the series entire.

to my knowledge my DVD collection of Battlestar Galactica compromises all of the available releases related to the proper 70s version, at least as far as England or if you like UK editions go. These four sets are the Battlestar Galactica "pilot film" comprising the pilot episodes and a few extra scenes, the entirely of the proper 70s Battlestar Galactica TV series, Mission Galactica The Cylon Attack which was a film made out of some episodes with extra bits added, and then finally Galactica 80, when the ship made it to Earth and found it to be a backward place.

it would be my understanding that the whole of proper Battlestar Galactica off of the 70s has been issued on that new fangled format, Blu Ray. from a budgetary perspective i am not so inclined as to "upgrade" or purchase again, so yes you may accuse me of not being a proper fan in that respect if you would so wish to. people who hate are always going to find something to hate, so there you go, that saves you time looking.

those with little or no interest in proper Battlestar Galactica off of the 70s but for some reason are still reading this would quite possibly wish to know more of the Intergalactic CD single. this is one of at least two variants issued. whilst the other, which i do not have, features many remixes of the song (no the Battlestar mix is not on it). this two track CD has on it the album version of Intergalactic and Hail Sagan (Special K). in respect of the latter, so far as i am aware this song was only available on the "tour edition" of Hello Nasty, and then on the celebratory 2009 special edition reissue of the album.

pretty much all that i could have said about Intergalactic and Battlestar Galactica Proper was done over in the other post linked above, so i will just bung another picture of my quasi complete collection on here for you now, ok, very good, to be sure.

one of the most wonderful things about this, and yes i probably said so before, is that proper Battlestar Galactica off of the 70s and Intergalactic off of the Beastie Boys are excellent in themselves and in their own right. bringing the two together just so happens to make it all the more awesome, even if doing such is not so essential.

anyhow, that's that for this, on to other concerns.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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