Tuesday, July 11, 2017

the threads are wearing thin with time

hello there

one of those posts which may well be a waste of time, look you see. well, yeah, maybe all of mine are, but anyhow. in this instance i say such from a suspicion that i have covered this all before, and because the quality is not so great for what it is if i haven't.

shall i just get away from that, to be sure, baffling start and get on with it? yeah, think so.

i have been raking through all my boxes of stuffs once more. no, we are not fully unpacked and nor are we likely to be. just ask anyone who has ever moved at all. well, moved with stacks of stuff. anyway, i was looking for something specific. i found this, and that might appear on the web later. in doing so, though, i found some of my old t-shirts. ones which were once most smart, at least in respect of condition.

absolutely, oh yes, that is an image of a t-shirt i have which celebrates, or perhaps simply promotes, the most splendid band Suede. this one, presented for your pleasure in Commodore 64 mode, showcases the artwork for the legendary Animal Nitrate single. top tune, boss video.

it might please or otherwise appease you to learn that a non-Commodore 64 mode version of this t-shirt appears below. you will, however, thank me for showing it in the above as it looks better. time, and being packed away for some four or so years, has not been so kind to it, alas.

time has also most certainly not been kind to my t-shirt of The Stone Roses which celebrates their less enthusiastically received Second Coming recording.

quite, yes. that is a large(ish) hole in the t-shirt below the cherub face, and they are as point of fact little tears all over it. and it's discolouring badly. should one say that this t-shirt is now surely nothing more than a rag to be used for mopping and washing things they may well be right. the fact that it says The Stone Roses on it, however, has up to now precluded me from disposing of it.

someone somewhere suggested that i simply get these t-shirts framed. my physique is, after all, not of the slender nature intended for t-shirts. also, people of a certain age are supposed to stop wearing t-shirts and start wearing all grown up collars and such sh!t. it's a lovely idea (the frame part), but i would not know where i would put them on display.

a return, then, to the Suede t-shirt presented in a non-Commodore 64 mode, allow you to see how some 20+ years, close to 25 i think, and wearing it has affected it.

unavoidable realities are, well, present as and when one discusses Suede. the primary one of these, with particular emphasis on Brett Anderson, is of course sex. as in having it off, or oooh la la, slap and tickle, etc. if not quite to David Lee Roth standards Brett Anderson is a most impressive sexualist, and such things happen readily in association with Suede.

it would be improper, crass and of no interest to you to go into any specific details. that said, for the record i would estimate that i have had 0.01% of the sexual experiences in this t-shirt that Brett Anderson would have had if he wore the same. that might sound low, but trust me when you consider what it is an overall percentage of it is more than satisfactory. 

moving on, then, towards a climax if you are so inclined, in the interests of balance here's a look at the Second Coming off of The Stone Roses t-shirt in Commodore 64 mode.

yeah, that hole in it is still visible in Commodore 64 mode, which takes some doing. should my (considerably) better half ever get hold of it this will be binned, so let me scurry it away to safety within my elevated shed.

to date, then, Second Coming remains the last album to be recorded and released by The Stone Roses. no, still no news of whether or not they remain an active band, or if so if they intend to release any further new vibes after the singles All For One and Beautiful Thing. yes, i still hold out hope that Christmas with The Stone Roses will be a real album one day and not just played in my imagination.

anyway, most happy day if this has proven to be of interest to someone!

t-shirts are not forever, love and cherish them whilst you can.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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