Saturday, July 08, 2017

it always brings me back when i hear oooh child


trying to state the greatest or best of anything is a foolish endeavour, look you see. such things are best left well alone, for they depend entirely on one's perspective and point of view. oh, sure, you could try and come up with some scientific rationale for measuring or declaring something to be the best, but in doing so you make it cold and rob from it the emotional engagement required for consideration.

declaring such is quite silly, then. and can make those that do it seem silly. the finest example of this i always remember is NME when they said - and for a while repeated it - that Regret by New Order was "the most important" single of the 90s. by doing so they disgraced themselves and the band, and tarnished what was a pretty decent tune with unrealistic expectations.

but then again it is important that we, as mostly civilised and at the least partially educated, to be sure, people do take the time to celebrate the wonders of Intergalactic by the Beastie Boys.

yeah, that image is just of the five albums and the one official compilation, or if you will anthology. sorry for that, i was not inclined to go digging and take out the single(s) i have stashed away of Intergalactic itself as such.

besides, appreciating Intergalactic is achieved all the more better, in a way, but allowing it to express away within the context of the entire body of work of the Beastie Boys. although it is most smart to just listen to on its own, i suppose.

what makes Intergalactic so awesome? a lot of it is to do with the video, which is one of the most amazing things ever, man. if you're anywhere near a television of viewing device and it comes on you should just instantly stop whatever you are doing and just enjoy the moment, even if it is some sort of fancy or otherwise blasé dinner party of consequence.

it is highly unlikely that i would ever "do" an NME and suggest that Intergalactic was the most important song or single of the 90s, or even the most of that for the Beasties. but it must be pretty darn close, i suppose, on account of it being all awesome and that.

but that said, and if you can play video back on the device / browser you are using then that would help, what comes pretty darn close to making me do the above is the absolutely amazing thing someone did where they remixed Intergalactic with the theme off of the proper version of Battlestar Galactica form the 70s. which it would be, since the new "rebooted" version did not exist as and when the Beasties, as was their way, "dropped" the most righteous and banging vibes of Intergalactic on an undeserving world.

here, if you can, listen.

when i first heard that i can clearly recall doing one of them "fist pump" things, and grinning, and going "yes" in my mind and vocally. it was all, be like, surely this was always meant to be, and now that it is, the world is a much, much better place for it being.

just what sort, going back, of dinner party would feature a television on and then what are the odds of Intergalactic randomly being broadcast whilst such happened? a peculiar question, indeed. one that by a strange quirk of time, fate, history and the fact that i cited it can answer, only i select if not elect not to. should it happen to you, react how you will.

in this increasingly isolar world it is always of welcome reassurance when one finds they are not quite so alone as suspected. to this i say with some confidence that i am very far indeed, numerically, from being the only one to celebrate Intergalactic in such a way. granted the number who celebrate the Battlestar Galactica (proper 70s one) mix is smaller, but i feel if not believe this is down to not so many people hearing it. and to hear it is to love it.

Richard, for instance, is quite the fan of all things Intergalactic. yes, Richard enthusiasts, there is an image of him coming up. it is a still from a video which we shall see momentarily, assuming your browser and device allow video playback. i would just about trust that he is delighted to feature in a post here what is predominantly to do with the Beastie Boys. well, who wouldn't be.

now then, for the benefit of those who can watch, the video. at least once a year Richard quite likes to engage in an overt celebration of Intergalactic, much i would imagine just like all of us.

usually this would be a private ceremony, or if you like service. it is not, however, an event from which recording devices are explicitly prohibited. as this is ostensibly the 19th anniversary year of this magnificent song, Richard elected to make a video and share it.

a most splendid celebration, full worthy of the tune, i trust you agree.

what makes the video for Intergalactic so amazing? just all the factors brought together, i suppose. mostly, if you had to think of just one thing, it would be that massive robot they fly around in.

i suspected a still of the robot from the video would be quite predictable, so instead here's a look at the schematics or if you prefer design of it. this is taken from the inside of the lavish CD packaging for Hello Nasty. with the art of CD packaging somewhat lost on this download generation.

no, Intergalactic, as awesome and as interesting as it is to stop dinner parties, was not the greatest video by the Beastie Boys. that honour goes, decidedly so, to Sabotage. it's amazing. all that shouting and facial hair and running and jumping and sliding and punching people in the face and rolling and that. great stuff, man.

a happy life, then, could be said to be one in which one is regularly able to experience both Intergalactic and Sabotage in their video promo glory. the location or setting for where one would watch them matters not, i suppose, just as long as they may be seen.

no, i believe that this is all that i can realistically say on Intergalactic at this stage. except perhaps to once again say how amazingly awesome the song and the video for it all is.

there's every chance that no one is reading this section; that no one shall ever read it. should i have done this all proper all who visited this post will have seen the start and said "yes, Intergalactic is awesome, let me stop reading this and go and listen to it". which is, you know, fine.

should i be wrong, well thanks for reading and sorry about this last bit being a slight waste of time.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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