Tuesday, July 04, 2017



and so today is the day, look you see, where our friends in America celebrate the fact that they gave up on doing things via the English way of doing things in any form of official capacity. yes, the people of that fine nation, the USA, celebrate and treasure their independence and the freedom which comes or came with it.

for some reason this blog appears to attract an inordinately large number of readers from the USA. to you, then, all the best on this day that you hold as one of the most important on your (of course non-Napoleonic) calendar.

oh, indeed yes, that is just a reminder of what you symbolically turned your back on. it doesn't matter whether than is strictly true or not, or how it happened. the 'Boston Tea Party' has become synonymous with the American independence era.

should you, America, have had a change of heart - perhaps admitted you were somewhat hasty and rash in making the decision - then there's always a nice, proper cuppa waiting for you as and when you return to the English way of doing things. if not, well, one cannot really argue that it's gone ever so well thus far with this new, if somewhat brash, "American way".

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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