Wednesday, July 19, 2017

the advert

hi there

i was recently having a bit of a gander at some football news, to be sure. in doing so i was confronted by that most perfectly normal of things that seems to get people all worked up. adverts on the internet, look you see.

for some reason people get all upset with such, believing that websites should just be all free and not have adverts on them. if only such was possible, but the reality is the way we have made the world means that one must make money to survive in it. perhaps if the machines take over we can all live a life of altruistic leisure, but not so much now.

that said, i can totes understand why some get fed up with the adverts they encounter on websites. mostly they are not very good. rubbish, in fact, to the point of irritation. like, for instance, this one.

no, not the Spanish bank thing, the big advert below it. i will of course trust you to work out the quite glaring problem with it.

a shirt signed by Eric Cantona, or if you like Ooh Aah, would be smart. alas, the pictured image of one signed by Rooney would be considerably less smart. awful, as point of fact. what question comes from this advert is which is true, are they offering a class Cantona shirt as worded (clumsily) or a massively less attractive Rooney one?

on the whole the advert would seem to be a waste of time for all parties, except the website hosting it. they, to be sure, would make a couple of pennies of income every time someone clicks on it. but then again who would click on something which at best is badly made and at worst appears to be some sort of sloppy attempt at misleading?

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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