Tuesday, July 18, 2017

another most massivest strawberry


and so Wimbledon, as tennis experience look you see, will be pretty much forgotten and discarded for another year by the time you read this. gone it is, and tradition says that with it so too should the strawberries for another year. not so much in the modern world, though, to be sure.

in order to preserve them as being something special, once, strawberries were only available in England during the two weeks it took them to hold the tennis tournament. this was at a later stage expanded to allow for them at that Queen's tournament before it. eventually it was decided that strawberries, in the interests of freedom, could be available for the whole year in England, just as they had always been in the more exotic parts of the UK, particularly Wales.

get to the point? surely. as shown or perhaps it is better to say illustrated this very year (assuming we are still in 2017 as you read this) William is most enthusiastic about most massivest strawberries as a concern to eat. he was, whilst not being an active advocate of the sport, quite delighted this Wimbledon encounter to find yet another huge one or two of them.

an absolute pair of beauties, them, i would boldly suggest you will find. well, yes, they are if you happen to like strawberries in general and massive sized ones in particular. to be honest i am no particular fan, and cannot recall if they bigger they are the sweeter they are or if that means they are more sour. and your variation of appreciating these strawberries would have some bearing brought about by if you like them sweet or sour and which one of them the bigger is.

to my knowledge and in my experience William has yet to meet the strawberry which he did not like. he is quite enthusiastic about fruit in terms of eating it. this is no bad thing in accordance with what the experts say, for it is widely believed that the consumption of fruit makes one all the more healthy in terms of how they live.

since James gets a fair amount of updates here due to my outrageously excellent cricket coverage, let's take the time to ride how this has started and do some William updates. as a parent i suppose it is important to get some kind of balance. friends and family, i know, don't really mind which aspects of the family i update on, so long as it is not me in too much of an overt or often way.

yes, as you have no doubt ascertained already, that is William atop one of them wooden (and metal) (with some rope) play fort things down the park. this was on the instance of a particularly sunny saturday afternoon. James, as is the will and the way of his age, was off gallivanting with his chums, so William and i went off on an adventure of our own. which didn't cost me as much as you might think it would.

if that clear, lovely crisp (hello, Faye) blue sky suggests it was a magnificent day, indeed it was. we had splendid fun at a fair, at the park and in purchasing ice cream. which i did too, in the latter, which meant i had the inevitable brain freeze. i should know better than to eat it as it does that to me, but some of you enjoy learning of my discomfort.

one day after school William asked if it was OK if he made a flag. being of a persuasion to absolutely encourage any creative streak he has i said of course. that said, i didn't pay too much attention as he got on with it. right up until the point where he asked if he may have paint, for he had made such a massivest flag it was a chore to colour in pencil.

so yes, i did indeed crack open the paints and continued to let him get on with it. quite big, or if you like massivest, it is. apparently the idea to do this flag came to him during a conversation with a friend, or if you like chum, at school. he took it in to school the very next day, presumably to show the chum in question the fruits of his efforts. let us hope that he is so diligent when he is of a school age where homework is frequent.

more from the park? surely. here's William on a slide; one that he really rather enjoys climbing up as much as he likes sliding down it. yes, i suppose i should encourage him to use it in one direction alone, but just where would the fun reside in such.

with the summer holidays coming up, and theoretically we getting to have a form of summer holiday at least by English standards i suspect the play park, or if you like park where one can play, shall feature a lot in my days. this is no bad thing. the benches are magnificent, and i shall simply take a book along and read as William - perhaps James too, depending on his social calendar - get on with it all, to be sure.

on the off chance that rain should bless our summer what will we do? get wet, i suppose, of we go out. otherwise there is cinema, films at home, and playing 2s and 8s with cards. it's a game Mum taught all of us, and so i have taught the boys. we will think of something.

anyway, those who have visited this blog and this post in particular on the promise of most massivest strawberry business are probably distressed at the sudden lack of this. to conclude, then, here's William with just one of the two massivest ones seen right at the start.

so that's that for this post. indeed possibly that's that for massivest strawberry finds for a while, unless we get another particularly large one in a packet, or if you like punnet. as we can now enjoy them all year around as part of the new English way of doing things, this is of course a little possible.

for those interested in balance, yes, of course, more James as and when i do more cricket coverage. which should be quite soon.

may all be most magnificent in the massivest way possible with you, dear reader!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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