Sunday, July 03, 2016

the evil that may do

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do you think that the solution to whatever problems we, which is to say the United Kingdom, face today can be resolved by trying to force British people to not live in Britain, the country of their birth? i would like, look you see, to think that no you don't. if you do, however, then you are going to love Prime Minister Theresa May, as and when she is ordained.

at the time of writing Theresa May is the clear favourite to be the next PM. she has, if you believe polls, a 60% lead in the race to replace Cameron. many, illustrating the current contempt for electoral processes and willingness to not accept results, are suggesting she should be given the job uncontested. this fits in very well with the Theresa May model of how the world should look. and it doesn't look good.

yes, Godfather fans, the above picture was selected very carefully indeed. a free to use image that requires no attribution or credit, but my credit all the same - thank you.

Theresa May was tasked with "curbing or tackling" immigration levels by the government elected, or sorts, in 2010. her approach was to - not secretly but covertly and with as little reporting and public knowledge as possible - make it virtually impossible for people who had spent some time out of the UK to come home. this was true no matter what your circumstance, but worse if you happened to have married a non-EU citizen. i know this because i lived through it, as you can sort of read here.

if you don't want to read there, in short her law changes said to me "you can come home, your two sons, who are British, can come home, but your wife and the mother of two British boys [my (considerably) better half] may not come with you". we had to fight long and hard to overcome that.

take "me", a happy go lucky clown who writes nonsense here, out of the equation. do we, the people, really want someone who takes such a Draconian, right wing, anti-people, anti-British and absolutely horrible world view on problem solving to have even more power?

why isn't this side of Theresa May being reported? well, apparently there have been efforts to, but they are being quashed and censored. i have no idea on the veracity of this as i have not investigated myself, but if you click on this link here you can see an editorial that The Telegraph newspaper ran and then removed, apparently under pressure from Team Theresa May.

a lot of people are saying that Theresa May "exudes the qualities of leadership which Thatcher had". sure. as far as i can see this means a return to Government interference in newspapers with a heavy censorship hand, and a return to working very much against the people of the country.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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