Saturday, July 09, 2016

terms of use

hi there

it's not all that often that i get such a margin of time, look you see, to be bored enough to engage in some sort of conversation that has little point and less merit to it. through fortune or miscalculation, though, such an opportunity came up during the course of a week.

as a service, or if you like favour, for a friend i find myself from time to time clicking on those annoying adverts you seen on some websites. if you do click on them what happens is that the person who owns the site gets a few coins of money off of whoever paid to have the advert there.

i was then going through one such site that i saw and clicked on as a consequence of all this stuff above. having a gander at the terms and conditions of the site threw up quite an interesting bit of text.....

i was somewhat surprised, slightly pleased and yet mostly baffled to see that BlackBerry got a mention in the terms and conditions, or if you like terms of use, for a company. for me BlackBerry still remains the finest phone to use. the rise of the easily hackable and accessible Android and iPhone devices occurred rather fortunately just after the London riots of, when was it, 2011 or around then, when the authorities discovered that they were organized by BlackBerry messenger and that they could not crack the messaging system. conspiracy theorists, read in to that what you will; all i know is that i really like my phone to have buttons and not some sort of touch screen toy.

anyway, i was rather curious as to why a company would go to the length of mentioning BlackBerry in their terms of use. this curiosity led to me electing to engage in a conversation with one of them "online operative" types, the sort of which that are theoretically supposed to be able to assist you but in practice are never, ever any good whatsoever.

the conversation, predictably perhaps, did not go ever so well.

yeah, if you can't be bothered to read the above - and i do not blame you for not doing so - the basics were a dispute over BlackBerry featuring on the site, and when some acceptance of this fact came all that happened was a valiant effort to not answer the question.

there's quite a beneficial point to this, i suppose. time and again we all just click "yeah, sure, i read them terms and conditions" without even looking before we accept a web based or found service. often it's the case that we get caught out by something hidden in those terms and conditions, or EULA things if you prefer. goodness knows what sinister things Apple have hidden in theirs, considering just how awful their open front end approach to customers is.

it's not unreasonable, then, to expect a company to know exactly what's in their own terms and conditions. not so this company, alas.

no, of course i never had any intention of using the above, or any other such "online trading system". if i felt a need to invest in such a system, i would rather take the money outside and burn it, for that would be more entertaining that bearing witness to it all going off and making someone else tres rich. i am sure they collar quite a few people with their ways, though..

considering companies like to catch out people with hidden terms and conditions, you might quite like to have a go at the above yourself. just pick any random aspect of the terms of use you like from the massive amounts of text they put up on the web, start an online chat and ask them about it. as you can see, usually this just confuses them as they don't want and don't expect you to read them.

also, when you see those annoying ads on websites you like, click on them. it costs the company that puts them up there money, and it makes money for the person who runs the site. no, you'll never see those ads here, unless the people that own all of this Blogger thing decide that actually, yes, all sites will now have it.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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