Wednesday, July 06, 2016

ricketts theme

hey everyone

well, as the saying goes, i am still here look you see. and, indeed, listen, you hear.

a little while ago a very good friend of mine, the artist most decidedly known as Jonathan Granville, elected to use his talents to record a most splendid theme song for me. up to now it has only been intermittently available on the internet and it has not, alas, been as bootlegged or as distributed as widely across the internet as i may have wished.

the above is, i believe, one of the main images which inspired the composition of a theme for me. this is a picture that you, dear reader or if you like viewer, can see as one of several images of moi in the below video what i have made, with my theme song of course playing as the soundtrack.

if your device supports video and audio here off of this blog, check out the below and dig it, man.

this video is, i suppose, something of a vanity project for me. unfortunately, and this is a sign of the times, you cannot just upload audio on its own. i then had to make this video using images what i had permission to do, in order that you may hear this most magnificent theme.

mostly for my own recollection i would like to point out that this is the video which features all the pictures i gathered. there is another edit which i shall upload at some other time; you have been warned.

if you have enjoyed the music, and i am sure that you have at least more so than the pictures, then please visit this site, or even better this site, where you can hear more of the ace music what he does. he's also available on all that iTunes sh!t what i have to buy Stone Roses stuff off of.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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