Wednesday, July 27, 2016

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hi there

and so yes, this is one of them "filler" posts. for some reason i, look you see, like to keep the post count up to one a day across a year. in some years i have failed, in others i have exceeded it. such is life, i suppose.

mostly then this is all about commerce, as in i have gone and bought more items of stuff today. book items, as it were, and very reasonably priced ones at that.

i am not at all sure which was the most exciting thing for me, really - finding a copy of Falling Angel off of William Hjortsberg or finding it for all of 50p. i have a 90s print of it, but that features one of them black and white noir covers - this one is far, far better.

yes, indeed, as the cover promises, this was filmed as Angel Heart. a brilliant film, and quite a controversial one too. so controversial, as point of fact, that when that posh twat did an Alan Parker retrospective on the South Bank Show, he highlighted Mississippi Burning as his "most controversial and challenging" film and did not make a single reference to Angel Heart.

plot, details, etc? neither the book nor the film (especially the film) are for the feint hearted. in short, a private detective called Harry Angel is hired - with a generous fee - to track someone down. it takes some remarkable twists, and is quite brilliant in doing so. the book and the film are two very different experiences, yet tell the same tale.

weirdly, despite having read Falling Angel twice, not once have i ever read the source material for another classic of cinema, Planet Of The Apes. seeing the novel on the go for £1 was, then, a bit of a formality. it's quite common, of course, for this novel to be referred to as being "the one written by some French twat", but that to my mind is rather harsh on Pierre Boulle. yes, mercifully, the copy i have has been translated into English, or if you like a proper language.

the other one is the one i am most excited about. well, kind of. i expect this, a novelization of two episode of the short lived and rather ill-fated TV show of Planet Of The Apes to be quite poor reading. no matter, this is a USA edition book, and it has a wonderful pulpy kind of pulp fiction press feel to it. if anyone were ever at a loss as to what to get me as a gift, i would say any 70s or 80s awful looking, trashy novel that is a USA edition shall always be welcome.

anyhow, that will do for now. i am off to write some poetry, or something.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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