Sunday, July 24, 2016

sail on silver bird

hello there

every now and then, look you see, one sees a look that they wish that they could have about themselves. well, i do, at the least, and as this blog is my adventures, i will take it as true of everyone.

usually it's some sort of rock or pop star that one sees and wishes they could look like. quite often this would be Daltrey off of The Who, who looks awesome in blue jeans and his massive hear. in some instances it's likely to be Paul Rodgers, the only dude who has ever pulled off the all black clothes with brown boots to any success. first prize, of course, would always be 78 - 84 era David Lee Roth, with also a slight nod to the Yankee Rose era look. the drawback of looking like that classic era Roth, however, is that you would be dead by sex after one day, for no normal man could cope with his vast talent and prowess in this regard.

for me right now, however, the perfect look to have would be Paul, closely followed by Artie.

over this very weekend i was lured into purchasing a set called Simon & Garfunkel's Greatest Hits purely on the basis of the awesome pictures of the two of them on the cover. well, that and there was no arguing with the £3 price requested for some 45 minutes of quality.

the front and back (with the inside equalling the latter) images show off that most rare period in the career of Simon & Gaarfunkel, which is to say when Paul had a boss moustache on the go. i may well be mistaken, but i think no other record cover, either of the duo or of Paul alone, features this moustache era.

i tend to keep the beard and moustache look mostly as i would get confused for my Dad if i had the moustache alone, but also because i can't pull off a smart looking moustache like this. if i were to go just moustache alone, i would want to do it only if i could have one that made me look as smart as Paul does here. well, that or a boss one like what the leatherman out of the Village People has.

there seems to be a bit of bad blood once again between Paul and Artie. earlier this year the two of them were mouthing off very much against each other, with all sorts of rude names being used by the two when discussing the other. i am led to believe, however, that Artie was all love and affection for Paul between songs at Glastonbury. i have no idea; the BBC elected not to record nor broadcast his set.

common convention usually says that Paul was the brains and the talent of the duo, with Artie there for his vocal range alone. this is quite unfair, really. Artie's solo stuff shows there's much more to him. also, i shall not have a word said against the voice that delivered Bright Eyes to the world.

both of them look most smart in that cover picture above, but if we are honest whilst Artie is 100% dapper Paul is 1,000% dapper in that image. look at that hair, man, and the stylish way he carries both the cap and the jacket. Artie just looks awesome, mind.

anyway, i am off to daydream about how smart i would look if  i could somehow pull off the awesome look that either Paul or Artie have in these album cover pictures.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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