Tuesday, July 12, 2016

more 1:50pm than 2:45pm, maybe

hey you

my dietary concerns and eating habits are, i would imagine, of little or no interest to you. i would think myself to be right in assuming that those who wish to see or hear about what others eat are all off on that Twerker or Tindal or Tinder thing, that one where if you are a gay celeb employed by the BBC you go and quit off of it as and when you have a sulk over something.

normally i would have the greatest respect, look you see, for your lack of interest in my eating concerns, but something quite interesting happened to day. i, with a somewhat unexpected giddy sense, elected to approach Subway for my lunch today. and, as it happens, a lady whom i do not, or rather did not, know also did this.

the lady in question was sat at one of the most splendid tables located at the window of Subway, seated in a way that faces outwards so that she may see the world and the world may see her. in respect of the latter, the world, or at least i, most certainly did, as despite the presence of a most visible window and the fact that she had elected to wear a short dress of the skirt variety today, her posture was of such that body language experts would describe it as "open and welcoming".

to clarify, her legs were positioned so that they indicated a time of around ten to two on a clock, although this could well have been quarter to three. i was momentarily distracted by  the, so to speak, centrepiece of the time analogy and so forgot about angles.

why, for goodness sake, am i telling you this story? hopefully it has some anecdotal or amusement value, i suppose, but it's come to be the case that the approach of the lady described above is now considered something of an actual, genuine value to society.

yes, that is the Forbes, as in the up until yesterday widely respected Forbes Magazine. and yes, that is a quote, of sorts, from the Kim Kardashian, as in the Kim Kardashian out of Mr Kim Kardashian.

i like to think that, if Kim Kardashian off of Mr Kim Kardashian actually even said that, it was done so with the prompt of and the behest of some sort of "assistant" to her holiness; an assistant that no doubt had to patiently teach her how to say it bit by bit and found it wonderfully funny that she did, eventually presumably.

much of what is wrong with the present world, and why Generation Millennial is apparently destined to dumb us all down to neanderthal levels, is pinpointed at the fact that Kim Kardashian off of Mr Kim Kardashian is actually seen as a role model; a status somewhat enhanced by appearances like this in a magazine which was credible and respected right up until yesterday's editorial decision.

over the years there have been some questionable role models for each generation. the thing was, no matter how much you disliked them or did not care for them, there was always some underlying talent or worth that they added to the world that allowed even the most ferocious critic to understand the pedestal on which they were placed. no such level of understanding is possible here.

i would, if i am honest, be interested to now exactly what it is that the Kim Kardashian off of Mr Kim Kardashian considers it to be to "work hard". when she, for instance, does them photos that reveal things normally only seen in Subway at lunchtime, is it that she has to take her clothes off all by herself, and them zips and buttons and clips are quite a challenge?

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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