Sunday, July 10, 2016

has have


not too much of anything this time, look you see, in as much as the fact that i could have gone on another tirade, but shall instead drop some links in fancy colours for those of you who can be bothered.

the BBC, bless them, has elected to show once again that they have rejected, if not simply jettisoned, the idea that they provide a home to quality journalism. time and again on this blog i have shown instances where a grasp of how English works has been refuted by their journalists, and also how they have decided that editing or proofreading is someone else's problem not theirs.

no, i have not fiddled or changed this - the BBC did really go right ahead and run a sentence, or if you like sub-heading, with the words "has have" in that order.

it would be less embarrassing for us, the uk, on the stage of the world if the BBC would hire either proper writers or a decent proofreading editor, since both seems too much to ask.

what was the story with the above linguistical clanger all about? all that stuff concerning the race to become the next Prime Minister; now a straight vote-off between someone called Andrea Leadsom, who sounds a bit bonkers, and Theresa May, who is evil.

recently, as part of the campaign, Ms Leadsom has caused some controversy by suggesting that Ms May does not like children, does not understand them and does not see the value in working in their best interests. as unsavoury or as harsh as the words to that effect may be, it regrettably happens to be true. in her position as Home Secretary, Theresa May went out of her way to make it clear that she hates British children and has no idea how to act in their best interest. this isn't some warped theory of mine, it is something i have lived through. you can read insights and events here and here that show off what she thinks of British children, specifically how she believes it should be difficult for them to actually live in Britain.

if Theresa May does really become Prime Minister, i suppose poor use of language off of the BBC will become quite the least of our, or if you like my, problems.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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