Thursday, July 21, 2016

856 - мальборо чисто черные

dos vidania

as i mentioned in passing in my last blog post, look you see, i was baffled somewhat by the apparent spike in reader numbers i am getting. i assumed that Russian hackers were for some reason interested in targeting me, for the bulk of the increased traffic was coming from that nation.

today i saw that, as of time of writing this, i have had 856 visitors. to give that some context, on any given day i'd normally have between 200 - 300 people stop by and look at my nonsense.

yeah. that's the breakdown for the day today. quite flattering, really. and thank you all for taking the time to stop by and read.

anyway, some investigation showed me that the increased traffic seems to be related to мальборо чисто черные being used as a keyword search term. what does that mean? Marlboro Black, ladies and gentlemen, roughly it means Marlboro Black.

good to know that our Russian friends have taste!

отлично друг с другом !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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