Thursday, July 28, 2016

olive, blueberry and sunflower

hello people

it's coming up to being quite close to that time, dear reader. yes, my present bottle of shampoo is all but empty and so, look you see, i need to quite carefully select which type of shampoo i should be using next.

in recent times i have been moving away from shampoo what has lemon in it. this is partially due to a lack of lemon based shampoo on the shelf, but also in part due to the fact that i am starting to accept that no amount of lemon shampoo used by me is going to somehow transform me into Jason Donovan. no, i think i am going to have to chalk that one up as a dream deferred, if not quite defeated.

my next choice of shampoo shall not, then, be lemon based. as to what it shall be, well, i am somewhat torn on this one. here, have a gander at my options.

yes, as you can see quite clearly, there's some blueberry one that offer to serve as some sort of anti-oxidant thing, or there's a mix - or if you like blend - of mystic olive with sunflower seed.

that is indeed some Brut in the background. it's one of them gift set things, and features bodywash and a tin of deodorant. it was going cheap, and one look at the box lets you know why. it, quite mistakenly and laughably, suggests that Brut is a French creation. leaving aside French hygiene, everyone - and i do mean everyone - knows that Brut was invented off of Kevin Keegan in the 70s. he did some documentaries on it and everything.

anyway, shampoo. which one to use? my natural inclination is, but of course, to use the blueberry one. not only is it named after the phone i prefer, but it also has that all important, powerful anti-oxidants stuff in it. now yes, granted, i am not 100% sure what an oxidant is as such, but if a product is so proudly promoting itself as being against it, then i feel i must too, for the sake of my hair, be an advocate of standing against these wretched things.

what's that above? why, as you should be able to make out, it is some stage gear belonging to one Sir Elton John. he was recently booked by some sort of corporate concern to perform a private show, so to speak, down in Canary Wharf. Spiros is, other than being the greatest legal brain of his generation, quite the Mr Canary Wharf as we know, and so his attendance at this event was quite the formality. backstage VIP elite attendance too, as it were.

the other shampoo does, however, have some appeal. the ideal of using mythic olive is exciting, if not arousing, mindful of the above. i mean, mythic olive sounds like the sort of thing a fabulous pop star might use, leaving us humble sort to make use of just regular, readily available and actually exists olives.

the offer that the mythic olive, blended with well known lubricant sunflower seed oil, makes to make my hair somehow weightless is an exciting one. also a scary one - it doesn't sound like it would be at all penetrative in terms of doing what you want it to, no matter how much you may plead with it to do so. there's also the small matter of just what tacit agreement or statement is it that i am going to make to any passing Greek or Turkish sailors if i am flouting olive washed hair?

decisions, decisions. well, a decision i suppose. both shall be used, i suppose, but the concern is in which order. i know that you, the dear reader of this waffled, do not have a single ounce of care as to which one about you, which makes your reading of this all the more wonderful.

let me go and ponder the matter some more.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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