Saturday, July 09, 2016

as endorsed by mr kim kardashian

hello there

i do not, look you see, use any of them streaming or 'subscription' services. it is quite unlikely i ever will. there are reasons for this. mostly it's due to me still not quite believing how fast, reliable and freely available the internet is in the world outside of Africa. also mostly, though, i like to be in control of what i see and hear - discs need no royalties, rights or availability; they can be played when you like once bought.

this of course does not stop various suppliers out there electing to try and sell me such services. it is their way, after all, and the way that allows them, if not the artists, to make coins of money.

most recently the Play of Google, or if you like Google Play, has attempted to entice me into purchasing music services off of them with a rather unusual approach.

yes, that's right. if i sign up for their services - i believe £9.99 a month in coins of money or something like that - i too can access "unlimited greatness" just like Mr Kim Kardashian apparently presently enjoys from them. this struck me as kind of odd, as isn't Mr Kim Kardashian all heavily involved with that Tinder or Trombone "streaming" service what one of his mates who also likes to shout over mix tapes does?

i cannot actually work out why Google, or anyone for that matter, would think that i would be lured into using a service purely because Mr Kim Kardashian uses it. the way the world is, what with all this Millennial types being so easily influenced by anything disposable, i suppose this will be a big selling point for, well, the target market it is maybe meant for that is not me.

a quite scary thought could be if they meant to say that Mr Kim Kardashian was an aspect of the "unlimited greatness" you can access via the system. this is unlikely, though - Google are supposed to be quite clever and intelligent, what with all that data they are sat on, and so it's highly unlikely that they will have mistaken whatever the hell it is that Mr Kim Kardashian does other than being Mr Kim Kardashian as "music".

also, can't you just hear every song, ever, for free on that "you tube" thing? don't they also do a video of it and all that?

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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