Saturday, July 30, 2016

the £1 all day breakfast tin under review

hi there

despite my good, strong professional working relationship with one of them 'celebrity' chef types, i am not what you would call known for being any sort of cuisine guru. i cannot, look you see, actually ever recall being requested to proffer some comment or advice on that which people would eat.

today, however, i had something of an experimental lunch. for a number of years i'd seen something called an All Day Breakfast in a tinned form offered for sale. recently, with my curiosity piqued, i purchased one when it was on sale for £1, down from an amount normally north of this value. today i had it, then.

the anticipatory, that is to say advance, reactions to my intention of doing this were, to say the least, mixed. sadly from certain narrow minded quarters - my sister and my (considerably) better half in particular, but also James - there was an expression of abject horror, despair and to a degree disillusionment that such a thing existed, never mind that i proposed to consume it.

it was not, happily, all negative waves, man. William, as we shall shortly see, was excited by the prospect of such an awesome invention, and my brother took nothing but pride in the fact that i had obtained such a many faceted splendid thing.

a look inside, or if you like within, the tin?

yes, rather predictably the focus of the contents is on beans of a baked state, the ingredient which you would assume was the cheapest for them to instil within the tin. this is not to say that the other ingredients were lacking, as once again it is the case you shall surely soon seen.

indeed i am aware that posting images of food in general, and that which you are about to eat in specific, is usually the preserve of that whole Twerker or Tinder or Twatter thing; whatever that one is called that a number (two) of iconic homosexual legends of the BBC have quit in a hissy fit. forgive my rare stray into this realm, then. i can assure you it is one that shall seldom be seen again.

how does an all day breakfast tin look once it has been warmed up and emptied with some passion and enthusiasm over two generously buttered slices of toast? mostly like this.

how amazing and appetizing does that look? also yes, it does look like something else. one can only assume that they settled on the name "all day breakfast" for this product when it was determined, or otherwise ascertained, that "artery f****r" would not be a strong, marketable brand.

what does the above picture have to do with all of this? absolutely nothing, dear reader, it's just something else that i picked up today.

the Best Of Neighbours DVD is of course for me. the disc promises some five hours of the finest moments of that fine television show, hopefully from the 80s era when i watched it. yes, at the forefront of the disc is the wedding of Scott and Charlene, an episode which i would imagine to this day enjoys the highest ever ratings this Australian masterpiece has ever attracted.

as for the book, a guide to Soaps (as in Soap Opera tv shows), that's for my (considerably) better half, so it is, to be sure. i sh!t you not, as part of the laborious process we (mostly she) has underway to prove that she's most happy with life in terms of the English way of doing things, my (considerably) better half is required to do an exam which features questions on British soap operas. so best she study, as there's no chance that we are going to start watching the wretched things, no matter what Theresa May wants.

should the contents of the tin look less when stretched across the two pieces of toast, that's because not all of the contents are on display. as highlighted earlier, William was most enamoured with the idea of an all day breakfast in one simple, convenient tin. he requested that he may share this most splendid banquet of a feast with me, and i agreed to do so. 

oh, dear, i just see that i have called this blog post "under review". this would imply that i intend to give some sort of comment or review of it, doesn't it? well, ok. it's not horrid as such. aspects of it are really rather quite tasty. it has not left me ill or horrified, and after consuming it i was able to drive for an hour or so in a manner that was not hindered or obstructed by the fact that i had eaten it.

would i have it again? absolutely, and here's a picture of me giving the thumbs up as a way of approval in respect of how, for £1 a pop, awesome it is.

would i recommend or otherwise suggest that anyone else has a go at a tin of all day breakfast? that's up to you, really. if you are grown up enough to navigate the internet as far as my corner of it, i would suggest you have the succinct and correct level of maturity to make such a decision for yourself.

right, hope that's been of some use or interest to someone out there!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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