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yes, indeed i have. i have gone right ahead and, look you see, named this particular blog post 4114. why? well, why not. it would be cool if there was some form of registration for the other 4999 numbers, although i am pretty sure i know who has 1 - 4, just not the order.

oh, great. i see that google and apple are, yet again, at odds about how a picture should be rotated and displayed here, for this is sideways. microsoft have not helped; i used one of their software things to rotate and edit too.

rotate and edit what? as in, what's that 4114 emblazoned on? as in just what the devil am i on about? our copy of the 12" of Beautiful Thing off of The Stone Roses landed today.....

nope, that's still appearing the wrong way around as i upload the picture. sorry, hope you can see it all properly on your device, or maybe it rotates it all the right way around for you.

so, yes, a month or so after staying up until midnight to hear the debut of this, the second offering off of the reunited band, and indeed messing about until half past midnight to place an order for it, our limited edition 12" is here with us. as in a physical copy of a song that few would ever thought have come to exist.

yes, that is the back cover, and it doesn't really seem to matter much which way around that is rotated.

how limited is limited in terms of this being a limited edition? internet said 5,000 copies, hence me rushing to place an order as soon as i could. not a bad decision i made in doing so, for around 7am when i went back to check it had indeed all sold out.

am i happy with number 4114? very much so. remembering the legend of The Beatles (aka The White Album) off of The Beatles, that too was numbered and numbers 1 - 4 were owned by John, Paul, George and Ringo. 5 was probably owned by by other George. i would suspect, then, that editions 1, 2, 3 and 4 are owned by Mani, Reni, Ian and John, although one of the cheekier members (Mani) might have requested that they be given 69.

that's the a side above, as in the only side of the 12" you can play. oh yes i did open it, i care not for the "collector value" in leaving it sealed; this was bought for me to keep until the end of my days and beyond.

in terms of collector value, any number from 5 - 10 is probably worth a fortune. also, 5000 is probably worth a lot too, for ostensibly that's the last ever copy of the record to be produced.

why do i like 4114? i hardly need tell you, but in case i do - think of the lyrics of the "comeback" single, All For One. as in "all for one, one for all", or if you like. "all 4 1, 1 4 all". a slight reference, perhaps, but one that i am most happy to have. unless of course all copies have 4114 on them, which is awesome for everyone.

that is indeed the b-side, or where a b-side should be. despite the very nice picture in the centre, it's a plain, groove free affair that would just totally knack your needle if you tried to play it on your stag.

so, then, where next? that's one one-sided 7" single, one one track CD single and one one-sided 12" off of The Stone Roses in 2016. all very well and good and splendid, despite the not entirely not valid complaints about "rip off" for one song at a time releases, but what next?

logic, or if you like it stands to reason, that surely a full album shall follow the release of these two singles. not so, at least not in the world of The Stone Roses. lest we forget tunes like One Love and Fool's Gold were dropped on us without them ever coming up on an album proper.

if they have enough vibes recorded that they think would make a smart album, i have no doubt that they shall allow us to throw coins of money at them in order that we may hear it. should they not, well, that's two smart tunes so far, any more to come will be most welcome.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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