Friday, July 01, 2016

one week later


well, here we are. it all happened last week, look you see. an event so tumultuous, if that means what i think it does, and so unlikely that few believed it could happen, fewer still would now accept that it did. yep, against all odds, against all history and against all logic, a car what i own and drive on a regular basis was declared legally fine to drive after about a year of me being at the controls of it.

those who know me and know my track record of luck and success with cars would be at the forefront of surprise, shock and some disbelief. as point of fact, the first declaration which came my way about my car, affectionately referred to as lil' bstard, was that what one would assume would be right.

as you can see as clearly as a blueberry phone allows, the first opinion of my car - an opinion i had no reason and no reference not to trust - said that ensuring my car met the staunch requirements of safety as stipulated by them at the DMVC (or whatever it is) via the conduit of MOT (or vice versa) would cost a pretty penny more than the vehicle was probably worth.

this news did sadden but did not surprise. sadden because i had, despite myself, become quite attached to lil bstard, as you would with something you spend a lot of time with. yes, my (considerably) better half, i suppose you're in that category. no surprise, however, as despite that last but one part my heart has never really been in driving, and my fortune with vehicles has often been foul.

the above is, as the sign says, death row. that, in the words of my friend, is what cars that are not economically viable to repair actually look like. mine does and did not look like the above, and so he offered to have it looked at and see if a second opinion was more favourable.

whither friend? my associates often prefer to remain anonymous, but if for some reason you are reading this Rolls, nice one man.

the verdict on my car was, surprisingly, that there was very little at all wrong with it after a year or so of me driving it, and further that happily the cost of some work to get it to MOT standards would be minimal. as in substantially south of the value of the vehicle and very viable.

and so, it was done, my car was certified by those nice people at the MOT, and i have another year or so in the company of lil bstard to look forward to.

my goodness, you say, what's that above? well, how could i not take a picture of that, and how could i not ask for more information about the provenance and reason for such a splendid sign.

it's not really my story to tell, but as the person who the story belongs to is unlikely to share it with the same audience which i am fortunate to have, just this once then. the owner of the above vehicle had called on a mate to give him a tow. this he agreed to, but only with the use of the "proper" equipment which had to be, at some expense, bought first. friend called on also insisted on a "correct" sign being placed on the towed vehicle in order to alert other or if you like fellow motorists. the friend in need of a tow, as you can see, elected to be reasonably liberal with how correct the sign should be.

this has been actually pretty decent for my usual "uuuhhh aaaah it's the first of the month best i post something" first post of a new month, hasn't it? no? oh well, on to the next.

of course i am delighted to be driving safely and that, but i do wish they would just put the bloody buses back to the way they were - i.e. of a nature that they make sense to use - and that i wouldn't need to take to the road. although i am uncertain i could give lil bstard up.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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