Saturday, July 16, 2016

House of Spiros

hey you

yes indeed, i am back, look you see. as promised, threatened or otherwise suggested in a post earlier this month - as opposed to one later - i went off to London. and, as it happens, i came back.

oh goodness me yes, i have an absolute stack of pictures and stories for you, despite it being only a short while that i was away. they will follow over the next few days. for now, i just thought i'd throw together a quick "hello" sort of thing for you and give Spiros enthusiasts a look at the one that they prostrate themselves before and homage in a slight acolyte way.

that is indeed Spiros and i in the house of Spiros, shortly after reuniting, bonding and sipping of a chalice which contained the third best lager ever to come off of Australia. actually it might be forth, but who is counting such things.

i know a great many of you are worried about London and for some reason view me as the exclusive source of information on the place. to ease your mind, no, Sadiq Khan (him who isn't Boris) has not yet destroyed London by being not Boris. no, the place has not come down crashing in flames as a consequence of all this "Brexit" stuff. yes, Fortnum & Mason remains very much a going concern. and, well, that covers the big three questions, i suppose.

anyhow, more tales as and when i'm somewhat over my quite exciting and tiring journeys.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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