Sunday, July 03, 2016

woohoo, finally.....

hello there

yay. the day that was due to be the day some 26 days from now has, look you see, come today. i speak, of course, about telling them who do the Windows and that of the fact that i have precisely zero interest in losing my files or losing the software what i bought. that is of course what they dress up as "moving to Windows 10".

for quite a while - too long - lots of us have had to, with fear, work out which button to press to say "no, we absolutely f*****g do not want to 'upgrade' to Windows 10". one wrong button pressed could have seen your computer converted and left ruined anyway. this was a daily occurrence, but it seems that it is something that shall occur no more......

i only anticipated seeing this beautiful, once and for all f*** off option to come along on or the day before the July 29 'dead'line for the free offer. even then, i wholeheartedly expected they to, by "popular demand", extend the offer. by declining the free offer now, then, one can only hope that i never, ever get this waved at me ever again.

the above was perhaps predictable now that this forceful and intrusive promotion of Windows 10 has started to cost Microsoft money. the moment they had to pay someone $10,000 because they contrived to change her system was the moment that this annoyance had numbered days left.

rejoice, be happy and be merry - now you can just use your computer, the one what you paid for, how you want to, without someone hassling you to do otherwise.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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