Thursday, January 14, 2016

the ice and snow has come to our land

hey there

oh dear, after that massive flurry of posts to start the month / year off with, i went quite quiet for a few days. sorry about that but, look you see, it happened again - i was struck with man flu. not just any man flu, of course, but man flu laced with ebola, sarin gas and scurvy.

actually that's not too much of an exaggeration. i woke up on Wednesday (unless this is all some crazy afterlife i am in) delirious, unsteady on my feet and not sure of where i was or how to do anything. granted, that's my natural state, but that i was aware of it being the case set the alarm bells off. a day in bed it was to be then, sweating and sleeping it off.

that was yesterday, and how, if i were able to roll such dice, i wish the dice of fate had meant it was today and not the day before that i was laid up.

yes. them magical pixies and fairies, or if you like prevailing weather conditions, mean that we have the snow which has been threatening to fall for a while. woo hoo, yay, great, absolutely thrilled that it is here.

the above is indeed my car, or if you like wheels. this was taken at around 7:30 in the am of this morning, around the time i was wondering whether or not i should clean off some of the snow before driving to verk, or let fate decide if i was to make it. as it turned out, my (considerably) better half decided that i very much was clearing it all off.

this image? that is one of the not three, not singular and not five but two windows i have up here in my elevated shed. that white hint to the window you can see is not mist or condensation; it is the build up of snow on our roof.

i did, earlier in the day, forward on the picture of my car to a few former colleagues and still friends at my place of verk in the Africa of the South, in the hope that the sight of snow might make them feel happier about both the heatwave they have and the beating they are getting administered off of England in the cricket. the lack of answer from any of them suggests that i have been blocked by their server. oh.

i do appreciate, by the way, that it is an exceptionally frank totes me me me thing that i am doing by posting images of the snow. for some reason natural phenomenon such as this have a special place for them reserved on the internet; with many posting the same thing that multiple thousands are experiencing, yet styling it in such a way that it is only happening to them, or that we should only be concerned that it is happening to them. i can only trust that i do not sound too much like that in writing this.

but still, totes me. you may be under the impression that the adverse weather and the general level of high illness i am experiencing means that cigarettes and i are not getting along too well presently. this is not the case at all; i am made of sterner stuff than that, i believe.

it might be all well and good for them in the south, particularly London, to let the economy come to a standstill and panic when a bit of snow comes, but it is up to us here in Yorkshire to make sure that English resolve is alive and well, thank you. if i were to allow something like the weather or my current medical status impact on smoking then the cigarette companies would be adversely affected by a lack of sales and could run the risk of going bust. what a poorer world we would live in if that were to happen.

anyway, the car. how did my official Luke Skywalker snow deflector shield work out? quite well.

as you can see, it seems the world has finally found a use for the nancy boy fake orphan farmer. i am most indebted to my smart official Luke Skywalker snow deflector shield for limiting the level of snow which i apparently had to remove off of my car before driving this morning.

you know, thinking of the Africa of the South, i really do miss my old car, the magnet, right now. i mean, my new wheels are boss, and even have some sort of fancy electrics in them which helps me not slip and slide too much on the road in the current conditions. i would, however, have dearly loved to test the mettle of this snow business with the supreme power of the magnet. any damage i would have caused would have been boss.

this evening, thus far, we have had no further snow. the distinct drop in temperature has, alas, turned much of the snow which has fallen into ice. this will make things very slippy tomorrow. if a further blog update, as it were, "happens" in the next day or so, you then know that i got through it ok.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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