Sunday, January 03, 2016

a reading from the book of manning

hello there

there are few, i would suspect that would see Bernard Manning as any sort of moral compass that would guide you to where you want to be. i happen to consider, look you see, the statement that even a broken clock gets the time right once a day as valid.

when not engaged in jokes which targeted, and to whatever level of hatred it was i leave to you to declare, stereotypes or ethnic minorities, he had it in him to tell genuinely witty jokes that did not require one to hold a superior or hated view of others. one such joke came to mind today.

what has this picture got to do with it? absolutely nothing intended, it's just that some people get uppity and annoyed when i don't have at least one image in a post, so here you go.

what's the picture of, since we have diverted somewhat from the point? some toiletries, or if you will personal hygiene products, that i got today for a combined fee, i think, of £1.67, or not far off that.

the shower gel is called Polarise, no less. the colour pattern on the bottle is not one which would normally attract me, but i quite liked the name. i figured it was now the time for people to make their mind up on me. those that simply dislike me will, when i wear this, have to go for one of the two polar points of how i am viewed, be it disdain or with contempt.

the shampoo is one that says it is infused with the scent of coconut. no, i do not all of a sudden like the scent of coconut, but my (considerably) better half quite likes the Lynx Excite deodorant i wear from time to time, and that smells of coconut. i figured she may well appreciate me using this then. and sorry, no, i have no idea where Jason Donovan stands on the idea of coconut in shampoo, but as in many respects the coconut is the "lemon of tree borne food stuffs what has hair or fur and a shell", i will assume he approves.

where was i. oh yes, Manning. for some reason this joke of his popped into my head, and i can assure you that mostly it is safe to have here. at least it is in a slightly edited format. here, in the glory of italics, is the joke which came to mind.

my brother asked me what i would do if i had £2million. i said that i would give him £1million, as £1million would be enough for me.

my brother asked me what i would do if i had two cars. i said that i would give him one, for you can only drive one car at a time.

my brother asked me what i would do if i had two houses. i told him that i would give him one, for you can only live in one house at a time. 

finally, my brother asked what i would do if i had two watches. i told him not to be daft, and to clear off out of it, as he knew that i had two watches.

no, the moral or point of this is most decidedly not directed at my own dear brother. the point, i suspect you will have worked out, is that one should be quite aware of the difference between someone saying they will do something or other when it is a theoretical matter and when it is an actual matter.

did this come to mind from any experience on my behalf, either recent or in the days of the past? not that i am aware of, unless i had a really strange, unremembered dream last night. it's no Aesop Fable thing, but still, as it came to mind i thought i'd throw it out on the net, on the off chance it was of relevance to someone.

anyhow, i shall leave that as it is and further take my leave to let you get on with your Sunday, or whatever day it is from the other six on which you elect to read this.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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