Thursday, January 07, 2016

a view of a bridge

hey, yo y'all

can anyone explain to me why so many under 20 kids here in the fine land of England are presently using the phrase "back in the day"? normally, look you see, i am not entirely against American colloquialisms invading our fine and fair language (some beauty insults have, after all, come off of them), but as far as i can determine this one does not transfer at all well. "in years gone by" would seem to me to cover the point of the phrase, but i suppose that "back in the day" spoken by a gent in his late 40s or early 50s in Albuquerque or some other such equally fascinatingly named place makes sounds not out of place. i am not convinced that it sounds quite so postcolonialistically amusing when uttered in a peasant northern accent by vermin, clutching a solid guitar case, a lap top bag and a back pack, taking up valuable space and wasting untold resources in a pie shop.

the title of this post, however, offers to proffer the view of a bridge. and here we go, although i must say that it is not the greatest of views. which is unfortunate, as it is one of the greatest bridges.

yes, it's the Transporter Bridge again. taken, this time, in zoom mode from the sanctity of what i have taken to be a most welcome covered if not sheltered zone for the more smoking kind of smoker.

why another gander at the wonder of the Transporter Bridge? the last two posts i did on this subject have proven to be rather popular, although in earnest i am happy to admit that perhaps the presence of James in one and William in the other is at the heart of such popularity. 

a bit of, frankly, pointless video from the same vantage point of the Transporter Bridge? doable.

other than once again underlining the brilliance and magnificence of the Transporter Bridge, i believe that i have said all that i can on the subject. for now. at the weekend the fair town which is a home to the Transporter Bridge entertain the people of Burnley for some sort of competitive event. i am certain that those who come from that land will take a moment or two to admire the Bridge.

more as and and when it happens, which might involve my adventures in going off to purchase the new Derek Bowie album on the day of release.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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