Tuesday, January 05, 2016

doing it for the kids

hey there

well then, look you see, it seems that i have made my first musical purchase of the year that is, and one day will be referred to as was, 2016. i wholeheartedly expected it to be the new Derek Bowie album at the weekend, but then this came along.

yes. in a not entirely unexpected move, a campaign has commenced, and is underway in earnest to make the popular record Ace Of Spades by beat combo Motorhead number one this week. i believe on original release, some 35 or so years ago, it got to number four in the charts.

in the UK and wanting to be part of this campaign? you have until this Thursday to do so, and how you may be part of it can be seen in full by clicking here.

is this campaign, or if you like quest, going to be a success? unlikely. in days gone by i would have said yes, but that is in relation to the days gone by when sales alone determined chart position. in an effort to be hip, trendy and relevant - when they were by just being there - a while back they decided to include "streaming" plays of songs towards chart positions, despite the fact that no one actually pays money for a streaming version.

that "streaming" plays count means that the likes of Adele (if she's on streaming services), Coldplay, Justin Berber and what have you will dominate the upper end of the chart. well, that's what the kids want to listen to i suppose. but still, a midweek chart suggests that Ace Of Spades has so far made it into the top ten - if it can stay there until Friday then that's a hell of an achievement.

oh yes, in my lifetime i had already bought the song Ace Of Spades several times over, be it on albums, tapes, soundtracks or CDs. one more copy - a "digital download" no less - won't hurt, and it's nice to be part of a celebration of a man who made music i've loved for 35 odd years.

the best thing about all of this, for me, has been the comments on the net from you, "the kids", who have bought it. many, it seems, had half an idea of what a Lemmy was, but no clue as to what a Lemmy did. many have bought or "streamed" to be part of it all, and have been left thrilled, blown away and amazed at what a killer track Ace Of Spades is.

so, as a result of Lemmy's passing and a campaign to get his beloved band in the charts as a tribute many, many people who would otherwise have not experienced Motorhead now have, and have liked what they have heard. if it was just the case that so much as one singular person had heard Motorhead as a direct result of Lemmy's passing then that would have been awesome in itself. what's happening now is amazing, and just goes to show that great music will outlive us all.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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