Monday, January 25, 2016

it's confusing these days

hi there

not too much of any use to anyone, really. that, however, could be the point, look you see.

today was a day on which i received an unsolicited and certainly not invited text message on one of my phones. no, not that one, the other one. this in itself is not unusual. it does, however, look like it might be a scam. my travels on the internet, as i shall discuss further later, have made me none the wiser.

but first, here's a picture of the text what came in.

for those of you who can't or simply won't read the above in picture form but for some reason wish to read it anyway, here's the text

Here's a gift to start your new year! Enjoy £5 FREE credit for 7 days! Reply FIVE before midnight 26 Jan and the credit will be added to your T-Mobile plan by 29 Jan. Thanks from EE. Text STOP to 1234 to opt out of marketing.

it sounds all nice and official, which is what makes me think it is something of a scam. for a start, if a mobile phone service operator provider type of thing had my number and wished to give me £5, they would just go and add it and text me that they had, no? also, that number is not one i have had a message from before, and i have had plenty of my service providers. i suspect that display number masks one of them premium things. 
a glance around the web suggests that messages along these lines have been fired off in the past, but no one seems able to say if it is legit or not. i am very sorry if you are looking at this hoping for a definitive answer as to whether it is a scam or real, but i can't give it. everything about it, however, scream scam. 

anyhow, if this has been of remote interest or use to anyone, nice one!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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