Friday, January 15, 2016

indulged with the generosity of Spiros

hi there

one of the best things about being me, look you see, is that i have friends, associates, colleagues and, if you so wish to use such terms, familiars that have no concern at all about what my reaction to a gift will be so long as they find the idea of getting and sending it to me satisfactory. this is in no way to take away from their exceptional generosity and kindness, for it does mean a great deal when someone stops to consider me, but i mean, still.

regular readers will recall, or those who click right here shall be aware, of me being treated to gifts totalling an estimated £1,001,000 from the self delegated Viscount of Stockton over Christmas. my chum Spiros was, evidently, quite put out by another gent bestowing gifts upon me, and so elected to arrange for gifts off of him being sent to me, at my place of verk no less.

well, i like to think that he sent these gifts out of jealousy; that for some reason he was worried that i might consider the Viscount of Stockton to be a posher, more flashy friend. in reality, though, i suspect that the parcel i got was, in some slight way, outright retaliation for the fact that i had arranged for 30 digital versatile discs featuring pornography to be delivered to him at his home address where he lives.

the picture you see is indeed me just as man flu, laced as it was with sarin gas, scurvy and ebola, was ruthlessly taking hold of me. yes i have shaved my beard off since this image was taken, and indeed yes the t-shirt i am holding up does indeed have the word slut written on it.

am i going to wear this t-shirt? unlikely. i mean, sure, once i wore a t-shirt with culture slut written on it, as a homage, so to speak, to the still remaining missing member of the Street Preachers of the Manic variety, Richey. this one is, alas, unlikely to be worn as it is an "xl" size, which is too small for me. oddly, and suspiciously, it so happens to be the size that Spiros would wear, what with him having a slender, sleek, kung fu trained physique. less suspicious this is, i suppose, as he has "suggested" to me that i send the t-shirt on to him so that he may wear it around London town.

why would he send something to me just to ask me to send it back? because he didn't send it directly; he paid someone to. a company, or if you like concern, based in Austria no less, called Gayrado it would seem.

what's that picture above? why, as if you didn't know, it is the official calendar of 2016 from a company called Gayrado, who would seem to specialise in items by men for men who like men. oh yes, like you i am quite interested to know just how it is that Spiros was aware of this company, and has such a good relationship with them that they are happy to post items to gents other than his good self. 

as impressive and generous and very, very Spiros as the calendar and the t-shirt are, they were not the main part of the gift. oh no. whereas the so-called Viscount of Stockton can only manage to send me two gifts, Spiros, being the generous soul he is, sent me three. here you can see the third and presumably main one.

well, hopefully you can sort of see it. in the interests of not getting kicked off of my blog, or warned of the content, i thought i had best take this picture of it in Commodore 64 mode.

what exactly is it? why, it's a DVD. called, as far as i can work out, Asian Boys i cannot repeat here the exact details of what the DVD box says the film is about, but apparently it features "over" 40 Asian boys doing all sorts of things - whatever it takes, no less - to "earn the prize".

for those of you who have read the above and have assumed that the disc must be some sort of class contest thing, along the lines of Survivor or some other such rubbish where contestants engage in challenges to win, the images on the front and back of the DVD box would suggest that this most decidedly is not the case at all.

what, to give you some pause, is Spiros drinking these days? well, it would seem that the bar at the Turkish Baths he is a patron of are running a special on this stuff at the moment. he was so excited about it that he sent me a picture so that i may be jealous and in awe of him.


what is it? 0% (as in zero) alcohol San Miguel, with the lemon ("limon") already squeezed into it, so that the gents who drink it do not have to do anything as frightful or as challenging as put the lemon in directly.

will i be watching the smart DVD that Spiros arranged to be sent all the way from Austria to me? i doubt any time soon, to be honest. i should as Sprios went to all this trouble to get it to me, i suppose. actually, one of the smartest things what Spiros and i ever saw was a video that he claimed a former resident left in the garage of a house he purchased. it was called Big Splash or something like that, and, well, i can't say much more about it other than it had a most class balcony scene.

Spiros reckons i have already watched Asian Boys, mind. he said that he noted with great interest that it was the day after i got the parcel that i was all of a sudden so ill that i needed to stay in bed to, in his words, "recover". i will let you make of his allegation what you will.

another look at the calendar? absolutely, as in a peculiar turn of events most of the pictures in it seem sort of ok to put here in terms of the guidelines for content. and i do so desperately try to keep this blog suitable enough for all, you know.

my Austrian, or whatever f*** language they speak in Austria, is a little rusty, but i am pretty sure that the above is Mr January for you. i do quite like them Manview boxer shorts, as it happens. let me go and have a look at the Gayrado website, see if i cannot order a pair in my size; a size more generous than what the chap showing off that pair requires.

a big thanks, then, to Spiros for his generosity in arranging such a lavish set of gifts to be delivered to me, and indeed thank you to the Austrian mail service, the Gayrado male service and the Royal Mail queen service for ensuring that i got this.

yeah, it's still all snow and cold here. yes, i am still overcoming all that illness i have. let me snuggle up in bed with a DVD player to see if i can make myself feel better, or somehow warmer.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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