Sunday, January 31, 2016

then and now

hey there

wow, that's just strange. as i checked that my most recent post and, as it were, published correctly, i noted that, look you see, a post from some three years ago was all of a sudden on my list of most recently read updates here. it's one of a picture my mate Sinbad took, and it features me making what many might presume to be an obscene gesture, although it should not be taken that way.

me making a perfectly legitimate gesture which some incorrectly and rather harshly in a judgemental way take to be obscene is not strange. what's just odd is that it the image features me wearing the exact same shirt what i chose at random to wear today.

to that end, then, for those of you who have or for some reason wish to click on the above link to the picture as described, a selfie allows for one of them "then and now" sort of things. sadly, it has to be a selfie of course, as Sinbad is not here to take a picture for me.

oh, great. i see apple and blogger are fighting again about picture rotation. sorry for that, i tried editing the image so it was portrait as intended, but landscape shall have to do.

no, i have not gotten better with age in terms of looks, and yes indeed this whole sorry episode says more about my wardrobe imagination, and lack thereof, than anything else.

anyway, onwards with your day, good people.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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