Monday, January 18, 2016

sights of roseberry in the snow


not a great deal, look you see. i just had the rare chance to be in a car yesterday, or if you like the day before today, that i wasn't driving. as they get quite p!ssy about law enforcement here i cannot as a standard take pictures as i drive, but so far as i know i am free to take pictures when i am but a humble passenger.

if i am much, or slightly, mistaken in this respect, well then i guess the constabulary should not have too much difficulty in finding me and feeling my collar, so to speak. unless i am wearing a t-shirt, and thus i will surely evade reprehension for whatever it is i did.

what's the point of this post? as you can see above - not the last paragraph, above that - i took pictures of Roseberry Topping, blanketed as she is with a taste of snow. that remains the case in this next picture, and all others that will feature.

there are, i as i am sure you appreciate, many thousands of far better images of Roseberry Topping, with or without snow, out here on the web. i just took these for the novelty factor of friends and family around the world. if you are neither friend nor family and are looking, thank you so very much for doing so.

why was i out on the roads, or if you like streets, as a passenger? my (considerably) better half wished to have a bit of practice in driving in snowy / icy / frosty conditions. such conditions are, as it happens, somewhat alien to those who were born, raised and mostly drove in the joys of Johannesburg, and so she wanted to give it a go whilst in the presence of others.

not that being from the Africa of the South is an exclusive reason. there are many, many people who have been born and raised in a land of ice and snow that simply refuse to drive or otherwise travel in the stuff. it is treacherous and dangerous to do so.

oh, look, to mix things up this next picture has a bit of tree in it.

how did my (considerably) better half fare? very well. nervous, for sure, and prone to take it slow, but she is a far, far better driver than i could ever wish to be, and did all the right things.

anyway, that's that for this post. if any of these pictures have been of interest or in some way pleasant to have a bit of a gander at, nice one. they were taken with my blueberry and through a car window, so i'm not going to claim they are spectacular. some of them, though, at least for me, give a sense of all that is home.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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