Saturday, January 09, 2016

further financial misconduct

hey there

this is brazen, extraordinary and, if you are one who begs, beggars belief.

i would hope, look you see, that a few of you recall the incident last year when my modest pension fund was ruthlessly raided and not awarded to me. the exact same thing happened again last night.

i bought this most recent policy in good faith. i had taken it that two of my policy numbers being in what the pension fund company consider to be their "lucky star" portfolio would mean that i could look forward to a quiet, comfortable retired life, but apparently not.

what makes this all the more distressing is the fact that my secondary, or if you like subsidiary pension fund policy had a most splendid sequential number attached to it.

as you can see, the number is, or at the least was, 800852. the internet, i am led to believe, says that this in fact translates to "Boobs 2" in geeky, berdy internet speak. how was such a policy allowed to fail?

it might be that i am getting more bitter, resentful and cynical as the years pass me by, but no matter - i am starting to think that this national - no, make that European wide - form of pension fund administration is just one giant, massive con.

i trust that your finances have fared better this morning than is the case with mine.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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