Monday, January 11, 2016

the frost is strong with this one

hi there

i do know, look you see, that i've mentioned the coming of cold weather more than once over the last few weeks, if not months, here. yeah, i know, the way i mention it is all like it's some sort of surprise or unexpected thing, or something like that. with that being the case, what's one more mention?

did i, you may be wondering, use my deft skills with MS Paint, the most complete and comprehensive picture editing software in the world, to hide my reg number in this picture? yes i did, but it was done as a matter of protecting previous and future owners from being associated with me.

earlier on today it was the case that my (considerably) better half elected to remove all frost, or ice, or whatever, off of her car windscreen before embarking on her travels. that is a matter you can read of by scrolling down a bit, or by simply clicking here on these words if that's easier for you to do.  if you do opt to read that bit, you will learn all about how i requested that she do the same for my car windscreen, and indeed read of how she, in her infinite wisdom and good sense of judgement, elected not to. behold, then, as you can see quite clearly in the picture above, i have made my own arrangements to defeat the frost. i shall defeat the frost with no less a weapon than the force.

what's that you say? isn't the force just some sort of imaginary, rigid and narrow minded religion off of some kids' space film? why yes, in a sense, it is. but they were class films, and nobody minds too much that the force users have some wonky morals for the filmmakers freed us from thinking about it by assuring us that they really were the good guys. anyway, let's move on.

my Aunty Susan got me a number of smart gifts for Christmas. one of them was, as you can see above, the official Luke Skywalker off of Space Battles car frost shield. a quite timely, useful and most considerate gift, this is. nice one.

a better, or at the least closer, look at the official Luke Skywalker frost deflector shield in, as it were, action? surely, it can be done.

the image of Luke Skywalker is from him flying one of them fancy planes on that ice planet in one of the Battle Beyond The Stars films; either the second one or the fifth one depending on how you look at it all. oddly, i do not recall these smart planes having fancy windscreen protectors on them prior to them being flown about to twat them absolutely massive tanks with ropes.

the ice planet was where, of course, we saw the crowning glory of Luke Skywalker. it was on that planet where he got lost, he got lamped off a massive polar bear, he slept in the slaughtered stomach of a tauntaun, the self styled "camel of the ice", it was where he engaged in somewhat inappropriate sexual relations with his sister, where he crashed one of them smart planes you can see him flying in this cover and where he decided, on the basis of a hallucination of a mentalist zealot conjurer who had led him away from farming, to abandon his friend in order to seek out a frog in a swamp.

he is a class act, is Luke, and it was little surprise that his dedicated fanbase were so thrilled to learn that his character was being brought back after some 30 years of relative inaction.

how does the official Luke Skywalker car frost shield perform? so far conventionally, i suppose, in that it is attached and very much on and in place. the true test will be in the morning, when i shall discover if i am driving with a clear vision or if i am driving with my hand on the horn to alert people to the fact that i'm probably heading their way but i can't see too good. with the temperature heading only south at this stage, there will surely be yet more frost overnight, if not some snow itself.

have i considered just driving around with this force frost shield on, so my fellow motorists might pretend that they are driving along with Luke Skywalker. yes, of course i have. the laws surrounding driving with things over your windscreen here in England - no matter how class that thing you have on your windscreen is - are pretty strict, alas, and somewhat prohibitive of doing it. whilst there's every chance that it might be a sympathetic member of the constabulary, or indeed some sort of medical crew, that come along to sort out what went wrong with my car after i drove with this protective shield in place, on the whole i suspect it will be best for me to just take it off and fold it up before i go anywhere.

overall, though, many thanks again Auntie, and i have every confidence that it will work!

keep warm, or cool if you are somewhere that's warm, and of course,

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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