Wednesday, January 27, 2016

blue gum and helmet

hi there

earlier today, as opposed to some imaginary later today scenario i have created, look you see, i could be found by those wishing to find me conducting business as an ardent and steadfast patron of Pound Land. i went into this fine store for some very specific items, the details of which i wish not to reveal. what i am happy to reveal, however, is an item which caught my eye and was subsequently purchased.

yes, to save you some time if you would like to leave and find something of greater interest on the internet, this is indeed going to relate to hair care products of quality and distinction.

whilst it is very much the case that any product from Australia is going to be a product of quality, this is particularly the case when it comes to any hair care or related product. Australia did, after all, invent the concept of care and style for hair. this was mostly done via the conduit of Jason Donovan, but echoes through other Australians. examples would be him off of AC / DC that isn't dead, isn't Geordie and isn't the one in legal trouble for arranging death by murder, her off of that film with that guy, him off of Neighbours who is sometimes in NCIS, him off of the band Rose Tattoo and Mel Gibson. in respect of the latter, the criminal or unpleasant bits about him are his American origins; his hair is most decidedly Australian.

having a massive image of Australia on this bottle of what turned out to be shampoo was a big attraction, then. as was, as point of fact, the incorrect "Oz" being used. when someone wishes to refer to that nation, or if you like continent, with that word, it should be "Aus" not "Oz". The use of Oz here refers to that place in that book and that film, and indeed that magnificent television show about the prison. also, the use of the phrase "serious volume" quite excited me. i cannot recall ever before attempting to add volume to my hair whether serious or trivial.

enough of shampoo for now, though. we shall return to it, my friends, but in the title of this post i promised you some helmet action, so here you go.

you may well have noticed over the last few months or so a slight increase in the level of Star Wars branded marketing. this might be connected to a new film of that name coming out, or it might be related to Disney going on a cash grab to claw back the many coins of money they have spent on it. anyway, the latest branded marketing is a series of magazines calling itself the Star Wars Helmet Collection.

i have, for what will presumably seem to be, like, totes amazeballs obvs reasons, picked up the second edition of this styled collection.

yes, that's right. once again my resolve was tested. a theory Disney seem to have is that i will throw money at anything they put an image of Boba Fett on and i will not try to resist.

what is it specifically? well, it's a presentation statue-like thing of the ostensible helmet worn by Boba Fett in the space films. apparently it is 20% of the actual size, assuming their definition of a 1:5 scale equals mine. have i been tempted to take a ruler to it to see if this is true? yes, but i have not done so.

also it comes with a magazine that theoretically should be all Boba. it is not, as it happens, but a fair bit of it is. like, for instance, this page.

quite smart that is, and i am very pleased to see that the Wookie scalp is restored and in place. some later or if you like latter day presentations of Boba Fett have airbrushed that out for some reason. 

do i have any intention of buying other or all editions of this helmet collection? no, but let us for a moment return to the pizazz and glamour of shampoo off of Australia.

what's the single most exciting and brilliant part of this shampoo for me? on the basis that i have not actually used it yet?  the, as the title of this post of blog might have hinted, presence of blue gum. and not just any blue gum, look you - it's Tasmanian blue gum.

mainland Australia has, it would be fair to say, some issues with Tasmania. it is, for those of you that do not know, the little island which sits to the south of that nation, which advances fair, on the side which Perth is not on. when people draw a picture of Australia, or produce some sort of badge, invariably they tend to leave Tasmania off.

the denial of Tasmania even existing in Australia is quite something. they even went to the extent of naming the lower part of the mainland "South Australia", so as to state that is where it ends, as if they were saying "sorry, mate, but that Tasmania has got f*** all to do with us, it is below our bit that we call the south". further, the only thing stopping the Australian government from petitioning the UN to say that the maps of the world are wrong and that they should be turned to show Australia at the top of the world is the fact that this would make Tasmanian to the north of their nation, and give it more prominence than they believe it warrants.

is the mainland Australian view of Tasmania fair or unjust? i have no idea. i cannot think of any issue or quarrel i have ever had with the place. none of my business, i suppose. i am, however, quite excited to find out what sort of "serious volume" their blue gum hits my hair with.

anyway, back to the helmet of Boba. here is a look at some more pages (well, two) from the magazine what came with it.

no, i shall not be buying any more of these. why not? i'm not really interested in them. well, the scout trooper one looks sort of smart, but i will be f****d if i am paying the full price of £9.99 for that or any of the other non-Boba Fett ones. certainly not for the next edition, which appears to be the gay robot out of the films, no matter how shiny it is.

anyway, i am sure there will be many people who are enthusiastic about getting all the helmets at a 20% size ratio from all the films about Space Battles. good luck to them.

as for the shampoo, well, the one that i am presently using now, the one which has coconut elements to it, is thus far satisfactory. here's hoping that when that's finished the blue gum one takes my hair to all sorts of new levels. well, a level of serious volume, at the least.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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