Sunday, January 17, 2016

bowie's most smart psychic joke

hello there

wow. i know this, look you see, will be of no interest to most of you, but i've recently reversed the outlay of my elevated shed. yes, this was for feng shui purposes, but where this is of relevance is that about half of my wireless keyboard - let's draw a line for half around the j key to make it easy - doesn't like it. and i have put new batteries and everything in.

anyway, back to the point, as it is not like you, the regular reader, are not used to typo nonsense and wildly inaccurate spelling here on this blog.

as recently as last night, assuming you are reading this the day after, we watched aspects of the Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert. other than the presence, which i have gone on about, of Mister Metal, it was notable of course for Derek Bowie's somewhat controversial appearance at it. it's not for me to highlight or discuss those controversial aspects as such right now, instead, then, a gander at the bonus footage which came on the shiny blu ray disc.

that is indeed, Mott The Hoople fans, Ian Hunter that you can see to the left, or if you like over the shoulder on the right hand side of Bowie. but that's not the focus here. nice though it is to see Ian Hunter.

some of the bonus features are rehearsal footage. well, there's three songs in a rehearsal form, i think, and one just so happens to be of Bowie prepping to do Under Pressure with Annie Lennox. before they, so to speak, get down to it, Bowie cracks a bit of a joke. i have tried to film it for you, here you go.

is it the best joke he has ever told? probably not, no, but it's a bit of footage that i had not seen before, so i thought i'd throw it on here for the benefit of anyone who would be interested but does not have this very same disc.

yes, i am still somewhat annoyed that the Spinal Tap segment of the Freddie gig was cut for the disc release, and the camera work was truly horrendous. but still, it's a smart thing to have. why they cut out Spinal Tap and left in Elizabeth Taylor arguing with the crowd is a mystery, though.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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