Saturday, January 16, 2016

space battles in 160 parts

hi there

what's this, then. why, look you see, it's another flamboyant piece by my good self celebrating, indeed flaunting, another gift that i was so kindly given. not, you may be pleased or displeased to learn however, quite of the nature of the ones what Spiros sent me.

for Christmas, which now seems so very far away, such is the way the world has turned since, Uncle Trevor got me a most smart Star Wars themed jigsaw puzzle. well, when i say "themed" i mean "exact", in truth, as it's branded and everything and could not be interpreted as being about anything other than them most smart films.

the above is indeed the completed, or if you like finished, jigsaw puzzle, presented in the might of Commodore 64 mode with scan lines on. i was looking for something to keep my mind ticking over as i suffered with man flu what had ebola, sarin gas and scurvy in it, right, and i found that this gave me something to clutch at in the hope of recovery.

have i recovered from the terrible ordeal of that infection? hard to say, really. if this is all coherent to read, although of the usual low quality, then perhaps yes i have.

the above picture is in fact blurry, and not a sign that i have not recovered from man flu stuffed with ebola, etc. unless the above looks clear to you, in which case then yes perhaps i am not quite recovered.

for what reason is it that my Uncle Trevor got us a Space Battles jigsaw, you ask? i presume you missed the bit where i said Christmas, then, but other than that i do quite like all that stuff; be it the magic of the ways of the Vulcan or just how damn shiny them Cylons look when they chase after Flash. no, i've not seen the new film which this jigsaw represents as such as yet, i will get around to it.

the above is indeed one of the numerous pension portfolios that i have invested in, and i am delighted to say that, for a change, this one matured and paid out. i would not say in either a handsome or agreeable way, but £5.70 marks at least a more positive return than my pension fund adventures have thus far delivered.

how did i get on doing this jigsaw? quite well, really. i had hoped that the boys would sit and do it with me, but alas it looked a bit too much like hard work for them, so they left me to it.

a look at the completed jigsaw in Commodore 64 mode, but in a different style to the usual? i do not see why not, so here it is with dithering mode most decidedly on.

despite being as fiddly and tricky as a jigsaw normally is, i had no problems at all with working out the pieces for the shiny gay robot or the wheelie bin one that buzzes a lot. oddly, this new beach ball one, BB8 or something, proved to be the trickiest part. possibly because i am just not familiar with it at all.

famously the gay robot was named C3PO because on a map of the village where the Lucas of George lives if one went to grid coordinates C-3 one found a post office. the kids of today, with their GPS, would not know that. the bin got its name, R2D2, off of the term "reel 2 dialogue 2", although that suggests that it did not have a name before it started filming. the kids of today, with their digital nonsense, would probably not know what that meant.

where did BB8, if that is the name of the beach ball one, get it's name from? well. probably the two b's come off "beach ball", and the 8 is because it looks like an 8, i guess. otherwise, i note our tumble dryer quite prominently states it is a class B in regards of energy efficiency, and has a capacity of 8kgs. maybe him that did all of the Star Things films has the same tumble dryer as us.

yeah, that's the finished jigsaw in non-Commodore 64 mode and not too blurry. just in case you wanted a clear look at the three robots off of the film, constructed from some 160 parts. well, exactly 160 parts, but you know what i meant. sort of.

righty ho, more no doubt later.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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