Monday, January 11, 2016

and in at number thirteen

hello there

well, look you see, i know this relatively new music news is not perhaps the first thing i might have been expected to post on the day today, but i just didn't get around to it over the weekend. my apologies, and my view is that it's still worth a mention.

as regular readers, or more likely music fans, will know, there was a fan led campaign to get Ace Of Spades by Motorhead as high up in the charts as possible, so as it may act as a tribute to the legend that is, and sadly now was, Lemmy. the hope and aim was, of course, to be number one.

the odds were stacked against it happening, but so what? if we didn't try to do things because the odds were stacked against it, nothing would get done until we eventually clocked to question - and possibly twat - the person responsible for setting the odds.

and there we have it. in the first chart "proper" of 2016, as that it records sales and "streams" of songs between January 2 and 8, Ace Of Spades by Motorhead got to a very creditable 13.

top ten would have been awesome, number one would have been the best thing ever. you know what, though? with the way the charts now work, this is incredible. this is a fan led achievement and a fan created thing. no record label or official representatives promoted it or endorsed it, and it wasn't done to raise awareness of a cause or funds for charity. it was done purely for the love of rock and roll, and for the love of an iconic character.

what did the chart north of Lemmy look like? pretty much as it should.

the way the charts are clocked now - downloads of single tracks from albums, "stream plays" and so on - means it is all but impossible for a song not promoted to get anywhere near the top ten without some very heavy promotion. and by heavy, yeah, i mean the expensive weight of what remains of the major record labels in this world.

is it sad and depressing that something called a Justin Beebopper holds the top three slots in a week that the fans wanted to pay tribute to Lemmy? not really. i don't particularly like the music he does, but it turns out the majority of people who buy / "stream" music do, and so the top of the pops are as they should be.

if you were involved in some way or another in getting Ace Of Spades as high as 13, nice one. yeah, i threw 99p at the song, despite owning it several times over. if i could i would have gladly bought Lemmy one of his beloved Jack Daniels & Coke; buying his most successful song once more was a pretty good second best to that, i guess.

a lot of people who claim to know something, or for some reason feel authoritative, have been mouthing off, expressing an opinion as fact that Lemmy would have either hated this form of tribute from the fans or he would have loved it. what do i think? i can't for one moment think that Lemmy would have had any issue at all with Ace Of Spades being played loud and proud over the last week in more locations than would have been usual.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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