Saturday, December 05, 2015


hello there

yes, look you see. i do know that talking about the weather on an almost exclusive basis is the preserve, if not hallmark, of being terribly English. well, i am English, so what were you expecting?

our fine nation is getting quite a battering at the moment. the horrid, strong winds of yesterday have apparently grown in strength today, and there is the promise of them reaching further heights of power through the evening. wisdom suggests staying indoors, then.

which, you know, is fine if you already have a policy for the £20 million (give or take) pension fund pay out this evening. i did not have such a policy, or if you like ticket, and so off i went into this wind.

that is indeed the legendary Zama jacket, acquired off of the back of the taxi rank in downtown Johannesburg, that i have on. no, it was of little use in the wind and yes, i was indeed making every effort to smoke as i wandered through the wind.

due to it being predominantly a motion thing i suspect that a picture doesn't really say much to you of the wind. a video, then? why not.

did i enjoy my walk to get a ticket for the pension fund pay out? well, in truth, there is some novelty if not humour in the idea of the wind being so strong that someone of my size and weight can be lifted off the ground by it. but not much. best i be able to cash in this £20 million or so, i say. that would make the walk all the more enjoyable, if only in retrospect.

well, wherever you are is i trust a place of better weather than what we are getting. failing that, it would be my most earnest hope that you are keeping safe.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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