Saturday, December 19, 2015


hello there

greetings from what i am assured, look you see, is one of the mildest December evenings that the highly envied plains of Yorkshire has ever experienced. it's still rather too windy for my liking, hence me being inside writing this instead of outside smoking. so, if you like, you are welcome to read this in the knowledge and spirit that you are in some way contributing to my health. for better or worse.

sorry about  the introduction; i sometimes struggle to write something there which does not rob me of material to use for "wraparound" text on pictures. which does not actually wrap around the pictures if you read this on a mobile device, which stats say many of you do.

behold, indeed this is allegedly volcanic water  housed, or if you like bottled, in Space Wars themed bottles.

a natural proclivity would be to get Darth Vader and that most feared Cylon of them all, Boba Fett. they did have other characters, like that wolf man one that growls and the gay yellow robot, but at £1 a pop i felt it best just to limit investment to these two.

with the marketing of this new Star Battles film being relatively low key it was interesting to see that, of all things, water should be branded as part of a celebratory marketing and sales push. not just any water, mind - no this is water drained off of volcanoes (a phenomenon of nature one would not normally associate with anything along the lines of moisture) and sold, in convenient 500ml (about a pint) bottles for £1 at a go. yes, really, £1 for a bottle of water. water that i dare not drink, frankly, for it is of a higher net value that i would usually intake.

the boys had no such hesitation, however, as their finances were not impacted by the purchase. James reports that this specially branded water tastes like Star Wars, whatever that is, whilst William says that it just tastes like water. ergo, dear reader, the taste of Star Wars, whatever that is, is in fact water. i trust that this will be of use to you who wish to have an immersive experience of watching or doing a Star Wars.

speaking of investment, i was in HMV earlier today and i came very close indeed to seriously limiting my ability, from a financial perspective, to do the grocery shopping tomorrow. two of these very nearly got bought, so they did.

i wasn't at all sure that i saw or "got" the point of these Vinyl "Pop!" things until i saw The Dude and Walter off of The Big Lebowski beautified in this format. they are well smart, they are. Spiros, and quite possibly my Dad, will be off to have a look at buying them once they have seen the above.

another look at the fancy volcano water in Space Killers branded bottles? ok.


a point of interest would be, so far as i know, that neither of these characters appear in the new film that the branding is all presumably about. both sort of got killed by death in Episode VI, so their presence in Episode VII : Mission To Moscow would be most peculiar.

still, one can use these two bottles to recreate the magic of any of the two or three scenes they had together in Episode V, i suppose. i may well go off and spend a part of the evening doing precisely that whilst i wait for the wind to die down enough for me to go out and fail in quitting / cutting down considerably with all that smoking business.

live long and prosper!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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