Wednesday, December 16, 2015


hi there

every now and then one is struck by a poignant view, look you see, of what the true meaning of Christmas is. that, i confess, would be true if "every now and then" is translated as "frequently", for unless i am very much mistaken this has happened to me more than once in the last few posts i have made here.

to that end, or if you like the extent of the above, early this morning, as blue skies tried to broker peace between earth and clouds this mid-December, i was struck by  such a view.

it is, i confess, a rather tricky view to work out, but what you assume you are seeing is what you are seeing - a single, solitary black glove laid alone underneath the back end of a car.

actually, a lot of the above was waffle and superfluous, wasn't it?  i mean, by being single it is, like, totes obvs that it is solitary. and the unnecessary combination of the two pretty much tells you that it is alone. except it is not, of course - whilst it does not have another glove to serve as a partner, this glove - note the singular - does have rudimentary, and indeed perfectly serviceable, companionship in the form of the car. a car which, it is quite possible, had recently run over the glove, or was perhaps driven by a chap - or lady - that presently has one glove less than would be normal to own, if you were into owning gloves.

in what way does the above evoke, or if you like bring to mind, images and visions of Christmas? i thought that would have been obvious, but if not then it is of course the case that the sight of any glove immediately focuses thoughts on OJ Simpson.

it's quite eerie, really, how the above image - quite by chance - captured the mayhem, the excitement and the baffling turn of events of the mid-90s that was the OJ Simpson trial. other than this glove being black and synthetic instead of brown and leather, and other than the car being black and a saloon thing rather than a white Ford Bronco, it's basically the scene that the prosecutors, in their quest for a celebrity conviction, invited the jury to imagine and that the jury declined to.

how are our Christmas preparations going, 9 days before, so to speak, kick off? quite well, really. here are some items i have bought in advance of preparations.

yes, some purple tubs and some foil serving platters. indeed all of the above were purchased from Poundland.

what are we, or am i, going to do with the above that's Christmas related? i'm not quite sure yet, but surely we will think of something. perhaps we will get some biscuits or something similar in and shove them on one of the platters, maybe after leaving them in one of the tubs overnight as part of some ceremony to bring good luck upon those who eat the biscuits.

i am going to assume - and i freely admit that there is a strong likelihood of this being incorrectly the case - that you are at this stage rather more interested in the glove than the above, so here is another look at it.

whilst i profess i am no expert, i would suggest that this particular glove would make for a much better fit for OJ Simpson, or if you like "da Juice", than the ones that they tried to get him to wear in court. the lesson the rest of the world took from all of the shenanigans was that a founding principle of American law is that the statement "if the glove doesn't fit you must acquit" overrides any and all other matters brought before a court.

with, in respect of the above,  a particular emphasis on houseboys called Kaeto or some other such rubbish being disregarded in their entirety. whether or not any glove or anything else fitted anyone that you care to name.

anyway, that will do for now. there is a very good chance that over the next few days i shall see more items which bring to mind the true spirit, if not meaning, of Christmas. also, there is every chance that i shall not, of course. we will find out together, unless you abandon me like a glove and read no further.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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