Monday, December 28, 2015


hey there

it's temping, look you see, to say that i am not all that much of a one for milestones and so forth, but as it happens it would seem that i am. and there's nothing wrong with that. the calendar, and indeed the measurement of time, is a made up thing which we could ditch or alter at any stage we choose to do so; celebrating the completion of a cycle of it as it is from a specific date is a means to ensure it retains value.

that introduction is far more elaborate than i intended. sorry, these things kind of just happen whenever i sit down to compose something. anyway, in getting to the point, we have now celebrated two years of me being home and the 75% of my family you all actually like more than me being at home with me.

the passing stranger who has somehow stumbled upon this post might be a bit confused about the above statement, if not the picture. well, if that's you, read around this blog, or otherwise exercise greater caution as to which corners of the internet you visit.

apologies for the poor quality image, or indeed images for more follow, by the way. oddly this time it is not blueberry at fault - these were taken with your so-called iApple iPhone thing. yeah, brilliant, woo hoo, you go, Apple, let's see what you invent next.

how that the two years been? predominantly good, but before i delve into that sort of sentimental hygiene, i know that you want to see a group picture in Commodore 64 mode so here you go.

in what ways could things have gone better, or if you like more better, over the last two years? well, i suppose i could have been awarded a peerage, or perhaps just a knighthood, in regards of my services, to something or other. also, someone could have given me an absolutely enormous pile of money and said "here, do what you like with this". those things have yet to happen; if by chance they do in the years ahead then that would be very nice indeed.

dwelling, then, on real and actual things, all is most splendid. the boys love life here, be it at school or at play, my (considerably) better half loves the time she has with our dear children and has a position of verk which allows here to feel as though she does good for society.

me? my one regret would be that the pressures of modern life mean that i have not, as such, had the free hand of time to go twatting about seeing dear old friends, or those that have a really ragged notion of vaguely remembering me and tolerating seeing me once more so long as the purchase of coffee is not so much on but very much on me.

otherwise, all splendid. for verk i get to do a job i love doing (as in it's predominantly writing) and get to do it along with some truly amazing people. my family are all happy, and i can be at ease knowing that they are in a safe and splendid part of the world. i am very almost, dear reader, able to feel relaxed.

yeah,. this iForward iFacing iCamera on the iPhone is not all that it iCould be; using it would appear to mar if not diminish the quality of Commodre 64 mode some.

to my friends and family around the world, i would say do not take the above, or any aspect of this post, as a sign that i do not miss you all dearly. i do find myself thinking of you frequently; yes indeed all of you crazy guys at my former verk. if you're reading this i can only assume it means that the bank firewall has lifted the block on my blog, which is very nice. getting somewhat back on point, know, though, that as much as i miss the many of you i have been lucky to know over the years and around the world, i am very much in the only place that my heart and mind have ever felt truly at one in a sense of being at home in the way i imagine that "home" is supposed to feel. or something like that.

anyway, onwards or if you like towards the years ahead. except that in the next couple of days, if not hours, i will be doing one of those "year in review" things.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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