Friday, December 18, 2015


hello there

earlier this year - April, as point of fact - i shared with you, look you see, quite an impressive statement of intent of love made upon a wall. as i have little or nothing else better to write of at the moment, at the least not which would not mean messing about taking further pictures and that, i thought i would give you a look at how, some 8 months later, the statement looks.

as you can see, it's still standing proud and going strong, remaining visible to all who pass it by.

the more cynical of you may well cast your gaze upon this and frown, for it is evidence of just how little Middlesbrough Council care for the buildings under their charge, considering no effort has been made to remove it. but let's rather look at the plus.

my initial thought of seeing it still there is wow. this has, after all, survived not only the zero effort of the authorities to clean it up, but also some ferocious and formidable weather conditions. also, it has you would think survived some formidable and ferocious types coming out of the Bongo on a night. none have tried to alter, change or remove it. whatever substance it is that they make purple nail polish, or if you like purple nail varnish, out of is pretty hardcore man. they should use the same substances to make things that they don't want to break or fade, really. as things stand, at the least, it shows that nail polish - or varnish - can be used quite successfully to make an eternal declaration of love forever. with, i admit, eternal and forever being, like totes the same thing.

another thought i had was that if this gesture, or if you will declaration of love was successful and some carnal congress occurred as a consequence not long after, there is every chance - assuming it was not an expression of the more homosexual form of love - that the lady involved, be it as the I or the U, is mere weeks if not days away from the birth of the result of that. nice one. if they follow the Beckham model of child naming i would imagine he or she will be named Bongo.

i trust that this update has been of some interest to a few, if not all, of you.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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