Tuesday, December 15, 2015


hey there

well, something of a surprise post, this, look you see, in every sense.

i was pottering around, minding my own business in the house. i had the tele on one of the music channels, right, and it happened to have one of them "Christmas themed" shows on, as you would expect for the time of year. if for some reason you need me to explain that, it's when they show a whole load of Christmas single videos. back from when, you know, singles were important and Christmas singles existed.

whatever i was doing was something i was distracted from when i heard a familiar song. no, i thought, surely they could not be playing that Christmas song. they were!

indeed, that is very much a quick picture i took off of the tele whilst the promotional video for Cashing In On Christmas by Bad News was on. i am assuming that whoever put together the selection of videos missed the point of their song somewhat, or otherwise (and i hope it's this one) knew exactly what they were doing.

the video is indeed showing the members of Bad News - from left to right Colin, Den, Vim and Spider - eating an awful lot of money for Christmas dinner. this is, presumably, happening at Kuala Lumpur airport.

for whatever reason it is that this video was selected to be a part of the Christmas video special i am very, very glad that it was. man, i love Bad News, as surely everyone who has ever heard them does. 

a snippet of the video? well, sure, here you go.

you would, i would wager, be better off clicking here to be taken to one of them "You Tube" videos of the whole thing, but if for some reason just a snippet in poor quality will do for you, then there you go.

is the single Cashing In On Christmas by Bad News cynical or honest? i mean, it's not like they are demeaning other splendid Christmas songs to make a point; they are as it happens being very direct in saying that they want the money.

seeing Bad News at random does have a sad side, of course. it's a reminder that this wonderful, lovely man is no longer with us. and he was wonderful and lovely, if just crap at the bass.

that's how i believe i want to remember him actually - surrounded by babes in leather, and with an awful lot of money and a smug look on his face. he would probably want for us to think of him like that too, except maybe with more money and more babes.

another snippet of the video? you would really be better off watching the full version with decent sound, but if you insist, here you go.

an interesting thing about the quality of the above video clip is that is the kind of quality people will be watching Space Wars Episode Seven : Mission To Moscow this weekend, after some nice French person or similar has made a video of it and shoved it on the net.

another picture of his excellence, Colin Grigson, with a huge amount of money? it is decidedly so.

well, no one is reading this bit anyway as you have all headed off to watch the proper version of this video. i certainly hope so, and i do trust that Bad News have reminded you of the true meaning of Christmas.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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