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December, look you see, is about more than Christmas. there's all that New Year stuff, for a start, and in some countries there are other dates of significance. also, there are birthdays.

there is, i know, one very special birthday in New Zealand during the month that is December, but as no one has sent along pictures of celebrations of that one you, or if you like we, shall simply have to make do with a look at how the boys here marked the passing of another year.

indeed it is, as it remains the case, that William and James, in that order but not in that order depending on how you want to look at it, celebrate their birthday during the month. oh yes indeed that does mean we have an extra special time with our finances. never mind, what else would we do with the money.

i would have thought that friends and family around the world would like to see moments from the celebrations of their respective birthdays, so here you go with some pictures. for those of you who for some reason come to this blog for my writing, rather than the 75% of my family that people actually like, i will try my best to do some decent and proper scribe work.

let's start off with young William, then, who was quite chuffed with the haul of cards he got. this one from Grandma & Grandad featuring Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles tattoos was, as i think you can see, quite well received indeed.

no, he has not put the tattoos on yet. actually i think he has momentarily forgotten about them, but i bet he decides to remember them and apply them to himself, possibly around the face, mere moments before he returns to school after the Christmas break.
cards are, of course, always a very welcome and very excellent part of birthdays. as too, i hear you, are presents.

balancing out presents between birthdays and Christmas has always been a bit of a challenge, but one we have so far met OK. it's tricky to make sure that you do not either over or under do it for one of them. with James, however, it was pretty simple - Fifa 16 was what he wanted as soon as possible, and so as his birthday lands before Christmas, that was done and dusted.

not, if you will excuse me going off on one during this post, just any copy of Fifa 16, as you may well have already observed. no. this is the Australian edition of the game, featuring legends of the Socceroos on the cover, along side that Spaniard, or whatever he is, that's the poster boy for that highly respected footballing governing body.

did i in any sort of deliberate or explicit way go and for some reason make sure that i got him the Australian edition of Fifa 16? not at all. i placed an order with the UK division of the global empire that is Amazon, with, like totes obvs, a UK address for delivery. i in good faith expected the English edition, with some sort of legend of Liverpool on the cover alongside the tax efficient chap from Paraguay or wherever, to arrive.

hey ho, it's the same game inside, and plays just as it should. as it happens James is quite delighted to have the Legends of Socceroos version of the cover, i think he prefers them to Liverpool anyhow.

William also got what his heart wished for the most for his birthday rather than waiting to see if Father Christmas, or if you like Santa Clause, turned up with it. here he is, in a larger form to show off those wild wide eyes, with the gift that pleased him the most.

yep, that's a Star Lord off of Guardians Of The Galaxy smart space mask and blaster. he has been after one for over a year now, so it was with delight that we were able to get him one.

to go off on one again, i really do hope that Disney develop Guardians Of The Galaxy properly. i really believe it will be a series of films that are to the kids of today what Star Wars was to people of or around my age. well, except hopefully in 30 years time the kids of today won't grow up to b!tch and whine as much as Star Wars fans have.

cake, specifically birthday cake, is of course and indeed another important element, or if you like aspect, of birthday celebrations. hence it being called "birthday cake". it does not, alas, seem to be all that important to google and blogger, for once again they have elected to rotate a picture so that it appears sideways.

James made a request for either a WWE themed cake, or failing that a football one. in respect of his first expressed wish, Tesco let him down somewhat, as they for some reason consider selling Space Wars and other such cakes as being better than WWE. they did, however, agree to sell this most splendid football shaped one, so his secondary wish was met. and yes, it did taste most splendid.

as indeed was the case with William and his birthday cake, or if you like the cake that we had as part of the celebration of his birthday.

yes, good fortune smiled on me at Tesco that time, as they happened to do a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles one. he had made no actual or specific requests about what sort of cake, he just wished to be permitted to put the candles in. and, as you may well be able to work out in the above, the first thing he did was ram a candle holder into each of the two eyes that this Turtle cake has. sometimes i do believe we should have called him Hannibal.

as an extra special bonus for both of them on their birthday, the day happened to be a school day too. that meant, as you can see in this next picture, that James still had homework to do, despite the reason for festivity and celebration. that's how the world works, son. we have indeed built the world all wrong, but welcome to it.

a big thank you from both to my (considerably) better half, also known as their Mummy, in regards of school. both decided that the best celebration they could have would be to take some "cake pops" into school to share with their classmates. this saw my (considerably) better half making somewhere substantially north of 100 of them.

i would not be at all surprised if pictures and tales of the other reason to celebrate this December comes along on this blog in the not too distant future. whether you happen to celebrate that yourself or not, may i take this opportunity to wish you a wonderful and peaceful time. and, above everything else,

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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