Thursday, December 03, 2015



well, look you see, we are at the time of the year when those of us who celebrate Christmas get around to putting up our tree. erecting it, so to speak. no, we have decidedly not done ours yet; perhaps that will happen this weekend. the leaders of our community have, however, elected to ensure that ours is on proud display in the present time.

an image of it? certainly.

quite magnificent it is too, i believe. from what i recall there was some fuss or displeasure expressed at the display last year not being quite so grand as befits a community of the stature of ours, but surely there can be no quarrel with this one.

why did i take this picture at night? i mean, was it to show off the lights? no, dear reader. this was taken before 4pm yesterday afternoon; a date of great consequence. the days are now exceptionally short here, and shall get shorter still for a while yet.

you will not believe this, but the boys were in fact stood in front of that tree that you can see when i took the picture. in sensing that they would not be as visible as they might, i moved closer and took another.

well, the boys are a significant portion of the 75% of my family you all actually like a good deal more than me (rightly so), and i figured a few of you may well want to see how they are getting on. very well, as it happens, very well indeed.

as and when we get around to placing our tree somewhere in the house (i'm uncertain as to where it shall stand) i have every confidence i will be doing some pictures and sharing them here.

in the mean time, sorry for the fact that blog posts have become less frequent, but there you go, here we are. and i trust all is exceptional where you are.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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