Friday, December 18, 2015


hey there

today i bought not one, not three, but two new "singles", look you see. sadly, it's the totes modern, millennial version of a single, but hey ho, vibes are vibes.

both of these singles are widely available to hear in high quality around the net, and indeed of course to buy for coins of money too. some of you, however, seem to for some reason quite like hearing low grade off screen recording samples, so here you go.

first off, his eminence Derek Bowie has elected to grace our ears with another cut off of his forthcoming album. whilst i was gloriously indifferent to the first offering, Blackstar, this one is very good indeed. kind of like how with the grand return of The Next Day the first single, Where Are We Now, was crap, but the second, The Star Are Out Tonight, was mega ace boss brilliant.

that is indeed the single "artwork", taken off screen on my iPhone thing what i got off of Spiros, with Commodore 64 mode most decidedly on.

the single, Lazarus, is apparently from some sort of stage show, or if you like musical, that Bowie has flung together for the benefit of people living in New York with easy access to a theatre. cheers for that, squire - no, your fans around the world are not at all put out by a lack or inability to see it.

full credit, by the way, to my (considerably) better half. she clocked, as we watched the promo video thing for this last nightm that the broken up "black star" beneath the massive black star is done in such a way as it could be read to spell out "Bowie". this, you would feel if not think, is quite deliberate, and it's very reassuring to know that Bowie remains, at heart, a very, very sensitive luvvie who likes to have his ego massaged and pampered as frequently as possible. and, indeed, why not? what would be the point of being Derek Bowie if not to indulge your ego? the chap has earned it, several times over, and then some.

a ten or so second snippet off of the Lazarus single? it is decidedly so.

there's a wonderful flow to the music, with even the saxophone being not at all annoying. Bowie's vocal delivery is beautiful, and not affected or limited by any fannying around with voice synthesiser altering changing thingies, as was the case with the first half of Blackstar.

Derek Bowie once famously played Pilate on screen in the film The Last Temptation Of Christ. i suspect, however, that this song has no direct relation to this; no more at the least than it does to, say, Magic Dance or Dancing With The Big Boys.

what's that picture above, you ask? a failed attempt to send a Christmas card to a dear old friend. i should have perhaps checked that they were at the address i had before i sent it. still, nice of Royal Mail to try, draw over it with blue crayon and then return it with a reason as to why they didn't deliver it, all for the price of a fancy 2nd Class stamp.

right, on to arguably the greatest Christmas single since Bad News did Cashing In On Christmas, or perhaps even any version of Elton John's Candle In The Wind if for some reason you see them as being Christmas things.

yes, that magnificent b@stard that is Justin has returned with his absolutely b@stard awesome band The Darkness to bring us a tune called Christmas Time (Don't Let The Bells End). it's as awesome and as magnificent as, well, pretty much everything what The Darkness has done.

regrettably, the world has not yet caught up to Justin, and so it remains the case that there is nowhere on the planet that has a stereo loud enough to play his music at the correct volume it should be. with that in mind, here is a snippet for you to enjoy.

my chums over on Google Play are selling this for all of 19p at the moment, which probably if not undoubtedly means that Justin is not getting all that much in the way of royalties off of it. a shame. perhaps the Royals of England will pay a lot of money to licence this magnificent b@stard of a tune and have it play in the background as the Queen does her speech this year.

seriously, dear reader - go to other corners of the web and listen to both of these tunes properly. if you want my advice or recommendation, i would say yes indeed, both are worth purchasing.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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