Saturday, December 26, 2015


hey there

i find it quite a challenge to grasp, look you see, the idea of someone being all that interest in the stuff that i write here that a level of disappointment they have at nothing new here for a few days requires some sort of apology for the lack. should i be exceptionally mistaken in this respect, then this serves as the apology you seek.

it's been Christmas and that, dear readers. it means a time too busy to do too many updates. as point of fact i suspect i should be busy with other such stuffs of stuff right at this moment, but i felt it best to have a go at a quick post to give you insights into what he, the one in red that is not The King, Elvis Presley in a smart red jumpsuit brought along for the boys. well, highlights of what he brought.

that is indeed young William, at not too early an hour to his credit, going into the lounge to discover that, yet again, this Santa bloke has somehow ninja stealthed his way into our home to deliver presents. his elder brother, James, has suspicions that someone else other than Santa brings forth these gifts, but when i pointed out to him that if that were the case then he must surely expect no gifts from Santa he soon revised his suspicions and elected to confirm to the belief of what we had told him.

getting back on track to where that last paragraph started, i believe it was not much beyond 8am when the boys woke up. well, William did. James needed rousing from his bed.

the photographic evidence probably covers this point already, but in case you missed it, yes, Santa did indeed get in and leave a substantial amount of quality presents for the boys. with, but of course, quality being a subjective term, depending on how you value or regard certain things. i say that all of them made both of them very happy, so quality is the word i shall stick with.

yeah, that is the latest kit shirt what Manchester United wear. call it a failing as a parent in me if you so wish, but James loves the team and wanted to wear their shirt more than anything else this Christmas. i am sure he would be delighted to learn that i, er Santa, was happy to get it off of that nice Mike Ashley at Sports Direct, who is somehow selling the Manchester United kit for cheaper than what Manchester United sell it for.

i suppose in certain respects nothing says Christmas quite like Manchester United merchandise does. that is, of course, the case if it's when you think Christmas, you think primarily an English concern, now ruthlessly owned by the Americans, lumbered with unnecessary and impossible to service debt and being fannyed about with by a bonkers Dutchman. more than one person i know thinks of Christmas in such terms.

what's that video of? it's William playing his super mega boss Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles pinball machine, which Ouma very kindly arranged to have Santa bring. smart it is too. i am not sure if it comes across too well in that clip, but it has an always on, if you like perpetual, ultra-rave sound vibe bangin' beat to it.

Ouma was indeed thoughtful enough to ensure that Santa brought something for James, seeing as how James had elected if not opted to follow the party line on who exactly brings smart gifts on December 25th.

isn't that, you might well be asking, a statue or ornament of a little naked boy riding on a skateboard to the delight or displeasure of two little grey girls? yes, indeed it is. i believe this is something to do with The Simpsons, or some sort of film they made of that tv show. whatever it is made perfect sense to James, and he was delighted to get this. perhaps, methinks, we should take something of a closer look at what films it is exactly that he is watching.

another video clip? surely. with some more banging vibes on the go? it is decidedly so.

what did William's little heart want more than anything else for Christmas? a ukulele. he is mad keen to go to lessons at school but is, alas, a year too young at the least for the classes. that did not, as you can see and hear, stop Santa from granting his wish.

young William's interest in the ukulele as a form of expression is i am sure, in part at the least, inspired by that Minions film. however, he has always had a song in his heart, so we, er Santa, was delighted to let him have the means to let it burst out for all the world to hear. there is some delight in our house, make no mistake, that it was not a trombone or drums that he wished to have.

sorry, alas no i did not take any video of James doing much with his stuff, but here you go, here's a picture of him celebrating the spirit of Christmas with a gift that is something of a tradition across our family. or through our family. or within our family. just pick which is the right way of saying it from one of them and move on.

yes, the Beano annual. for years and years i used to get it, and i would imagine that my Dad was also given it for years and years. and now it is the turn of James to receive this once a year; hence the name "annual" being bestowed upon it, i suppose.

oh indeed yes, i will be having a borrow and a read, thank you. and his Grandad would be too, if he were on this side of the equator.

there are dozens more pictures and quite a few more stories. will they feature here? perhaps. i would hope, in my heart and in my mind, though, that all of you reading this had a wonderful, splendid Christmas, full of your own stories. i am sure, however, that friends and family around the world will take delight in seeing that all was so in our corner of the world.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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