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one thing that i am aware of being absent from this blog during the course of the year - outside of any obvious talent in writing or things of interest to say, look you see you cheeky things - is a distinct lack of Grant updates for the several Grant enthusiasts who read this blog purely, if not exclusively, for Grant updates. for some reason sending pictures out of New Zealand digitally is frowned upon, which is presumably why i don't get too many sent to me. no matter, some have sneaked their way to me, and here they are for you too. on that note, let me put a nice bit of U2 on the stereo as i write.

something which may well make this particular post all the more exciting for you is that there is also a Spiros update included within it. in regards of this, though, i must warn you, dear reader, to brace yourself, for it is of a nature that includes crass and coarse language.

but first, for your viewing pleasure and so that your mind may be at rest, here's Grant.

yes, i know quite a number of you will have simply scrolled down past the text to see the images. if for some reason you are reading this, however, i can only say thanks for doing so.

as you can see, or perhaps as this image permits you to gauge and conclude, Grant seems to be doing very well indeed in the health and well stakes. indeed yes, he is still a staunch advocate of that Sharks franchise.

what, other than maintaining the appearance and sense of health and well, has Grant been up to? for the most part i can only guess or speculate this, which of course is precisely what i am going to do here and what i would do if i knew anyhow but felt that the truth needed to be "jazzed" some.

in this image, for instance, it might seem that Grant is cooking up some food of the meat variety which has been purchased from a shopping concern, presuming that they do indeed have such shops south of the equator. this is not quite the case. well, actually, it is, but it isn't.

for several years, as some of you may well know, Grant has been trying to become a member of the fabled Buwlawalayi Assandi clan, or if you like tribe. for those somewhat unfamiliar with the Buwlawalayi Assandi, they are in many respects similar to the Masinawinyi Baringya clan, just not quite bogged down with the same sense of ceremony or protocol. for those of you who are well aware of the Buwlawalayi Assandi, i know what you are thinking - assuming, of course, that what you are thinking is that surely it is impossible for one born outside of the Buwlawalayi Assandi to become one. evidently this is not the case, otherwise why then would Grant ritualistically, with his bare hands, kill several animals, ritualistically carve them up, ritualistically dispose of the carcasses and then conventionally cook the bits he retained?

what are my thoughts, feelings, concerns and wishes in regards of Grant's efforts to become one with the people of the Buwlawalayi Assandi? it's not something that i have given a great deal of thought to, really. overall, if quizzed, i suppose i would just hope that joining them does not prevent him listening to the album off of that guy off the radio in South Africa which i buy and send every year.

if you think that Grant and his ambitions in regards of attaining Buwlawalayi Assandi status are the most controversial thing you will see in this particular blog post, then you are forgetting the warnings i put out there in regards of Spiros and his appearance here. to that end, once more i warn you of the content you are about to see, and off we go with it.

Spiros sort of tries to lead a simple, peaceful sort of life, with only London black cab drivers usually being the people to make  him angry, and angry they make him simply by being there. it is not his fault, then, when people pick fights with him, and he responds.

weirdly, or perhaps strangely or by a sheer stroke of the fluke of look of co-incidence, earlier today i had an issue in which i could have parked a lot better than i ended up doing if only other motorists had been somewhat considerate with the way in which they parked. that said, i just got on with it, and certainly did not consider or contemplate leaving any sort of note or message for fellow drivers about how they should park in the future. as you can see in this picture, however, someone did not take that approach when they observed how Spiros had parked.

oh yes, the date on that letter which someone put on the car of Spiros - and the letter to which Spiros, as you can see, so eloquently replied to - is correct. someone elected to spend their Christmas Day typing and printing a note about how someone had parked. a terrible waste of resources, really. it is a well known fact, after all, that the emergency services love nothing more than being called about things like this or other matters of an entirely trivial nature.

i have no doubt that a lot of you have a great deal of sympathy for the plight of Spiros in respect of the above incident, and hope that soon you will be able to buy some sort of charity record, with the funds being diverted to making Spiros feel better. such a record may well get recorded and released by any number of the major pop stars that undoubtedly read this blog, but for now let us return to Grant and his quest for total assimilation into the ways of the Buwlawalayi Assandi.

as part of the trials, or if you like initiations, that one must complete in order to be considered to become part of the Buwlawalayi Assandi, the ritual of standing on the trash is the one where a few fall short. not so with Grant, who apparently does this kind of thing anyway, whether or not it, if you will excuse the play on words, grants him access to some sort of community.

for what reason is it that the Buwlawalayi Assandi have a ritual which involves standing on trash? for what reason is it that Grant is of a mind, or has a proclivity, to do this anyway? i do not have answers for you. i try to lead a simple, straightforward life, grounded if not based on certain morals and standards. i would not say that i always succeed in this approach, but i would say that it means i do not ask any questions about this sort of thing. sure, it leaves me ignorant, but also it leaves me untroubled and unburdened by any knowledge of what is going on here - knowledge that may well upset me.

right, then, that's some partial insight into how Grant and indeed Spiros spent elements of their Christmas. i trust that this has been of some interest to all them Grant and Spiros enthusiasts that read this blog for updates on them.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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