Wednesday, December 09, 2015


hello there

well, look you see, you don't need to tell me that - should you live, at the least, in a country where Christianity or a variation thereof is the prevailing religion or basis for society - Christmas is creeping ever closer. 15 or so days from today, as it happens.

a consequence of this would be that there is an expectation to have a tree on display within the home, proudly featuring lights and all sorts of shiny things. we have met this expectation, and here it is. well, here's a picture of it. Gizmo, or whatever, off of Gremlins for scale. if you happen to know what size a Gizmo or whatever actually is.

oh, joy. i see that Blogger and Apple are at odds again over what rotation a picture should be. quite baffling, dear reader, when you consider that the dominant image here is a tree and generally only goes in, so to speak, one direction.

if you were to make an accusation of this looking pretty much like our 2014 tree, i would be in no position to deny that. i am not, after all, some sort of disabled athlete who argues against what is obvious, and i certainly don't make threats to waste the time of the constitutional court with such triviality. same tree, but with a slightly different approach to the decorations.

the main aesthetic difference? William. it's kind of hard to tell from the rotated picture, but he has added a fez and a sonic screwdriver to the tree, apparently as some sort of tribute to bring Doctor Who into the realm of Christmas.

a look at the tree the correct way around, but in Commodore 64 mode? certainly.

should you, and indeed your family, be of a mind to have a tree decorated in a similar fashion on display in your home this Christmas, i hope it is magnificent looking and brings you as much joy as ours does to us.

and, on that note, let me leave it there so i may admire our tree some more.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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